Does Ace Hardware Cut Plexiglass? (How It Works + More)

Alongside selling an array of materials, tools, and more to help its customers with their DIY needs, Ace Hardware is also known for providing essential services for reasonable prices. For example, services at Ace Hardware include key cutting, pipe cutting, and more.

If you’re a fan of the cooperative retailer Ace Hardware, you may wonder if one of the services it can offer in stores is plexiglass cutting and how you can have plexiglass cut. I’ve looked into it, and here’s what I’ve discovered!

Does Ace Hardware Cut Plexiglass In 2024?

Ace Hardware can cut plexiglass, acrylic sheets, and regular glass in some of its stores as of 2024. On top of that, if you have purchased your plexiglass from Ace Hardware, you’ll likely be able to get it cut for free in stores. If you have to pay to get plexiglass cut, it’ll only cost $2 at Ace Hardware.

For more information about if Ace Hardware cuts plexiglass, including if it can cut plexiglass to size, how much it is to have plexiglass cut at Ace Hardware, and if you can cut plexiglass yourself, then keep reading!

Can All Ace Hardware Stores Cut Plexiglass?

As Ace Hardware is a cooperative, the stores are independently owned and operated under Ace Hardware branding, meaning not all stores offer the same services, such as plexiglass cutting.

That said, it’s best to contact your local Ace Hardware store to see if it can cut plexiglass before you make the trip.

Does Ace Hardware Cut Plexiglass To Size?

Yes, most Ace Hardware stores can cut pieces of plexiglass to a desirable size and sell plexiglass that customers can cut themselves.

For example, the Miller’s Ace Hardware store has reported that it can help customers cut plexiglass to size within its stores.

How Much Is It To Cut Plexiglass At Ace Hardware?

How Much Is It To Cut Plexiglass At Ace Hardware?

At Ace Hardware, it will cost $2 per cut to have your plexiglass cut within the store.

Because of that, online shoppers have said the price for cutting plexiglass at Ace Hardware is cheap.

However, depending on the size of your plexiglass and the cutting required, the fee may vary.

If you didn’t purchase the plexiglass from Ace Hardware, there’s likely to be a fee to have it cut, but Ace Hardware will still be able to perform the service for you.

Additionally, if you purchase the plexiglass from Ace Hardware, the store might not even charge you a fee to have the glass cut!

How Do I Get My Plexiglass Cut At Ace Hardware?

To have your plexiglass cut, Ace Hardware has stated that you’ll either need to purchase it from Ace Hardware or bring your plexiglass into the store to have it cut.

Then, visiting the services counter at Ace Hardware is the first step to having your plexiglass cut.

Further, the Colorado Springs Ace Hardware has stated that its employees can develop a plan for cutting your plexiglass, and when you’re done shopping at Ace Hardware, the cut will be complete.

Does Ace Hardware Sell Plexiglass?

As well as offering plexiglass cutting services within stores, Ace Hardware also sells plexiglass products in-store and online.

Additionally, one of the top-rated plexiglass products on the Ace Hardware website includes the Plaskolite Optix Clear Single Acrylic Sheet (priced at $12.99).

Can I Cut My Plexiglass Myself?

If you want to try your hand at cutting plexiglass yourself, Ace Hardware certainly provides the tools and advice to do so!

That said, former customers report that the best tool to cut plexiglass is a circular saw, which is available for sale or rent at Ace Hardware.

For a cleaner cut or thinner plexiglass, you can also use a utility knife or score it before using a circular saw on it.

Further, there are many online tutorials to help you cut your plexiglass and tools for sale at Ace Hardware if you don’t already have them.

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One of Ace Hardware’s services within its stores is the ability to cut plexiglass for a small fee.

With that, there are no size limitations on the plexiglass, and Ace Hardware can cut it in a short amount of time.

Also, Ace Hardware sells plexiglass on its website and in-stores, which you can have cut.

Finally, you can bring your own plexiglass sheets into Ace Hardware stores and have them cut to size.

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