Does Ace Hardware Rekey Locks? (Full Guide)

As a leading hardware cooperative, Ace Hardware is known for offering its customers a range of services in-store, including material recycling, pipe cutting and threading, screen repair, and more.

Customers may be wondering if Ace Hardware can rekey locks within its store, including how much it would be and how you would go about it. I’ve looked into it, and here’s what I’ve learned about Ace Hardware lock rekeying!

Does Ace Hardware Rekey Locks In [currentyear]?

Ace Hardware can rekey your doorknob or deadbolt within its stores, offering services for brands such as Schlage, Kwikset, or Ace Brand as of [currentyear]. To rekey a lock at Ace Hardware, it usually costs around $10 each. Also, Ace Hardware sells a range of products to help you rekey your own locks.

For more information about how to rekey locks at Ace Hardware, including what locks Ace Hardware can rekey, how much it costs, and what products Ace Hardware sells to help you rekey locks yourself, then keep reading!

Can Ace Hardware Rekey Locks?

Yes, Ace Hardware can provide services to help you rekey your locks in-store at the majority of its locations.

Further, you can use the rekey services at Ace Hardware for changing keys to a home without changing the locks and if you need multiple keys for the same locks.

Also, choosing to rekey a lock can be cheaper than replacing the locksets, and Ace Hardware offers this service at the competitive price of $10.

How Do I Rekey A Lock At Ace Hardware?

To rekey a lock at Ace Hardware, contact your local store to see if it can offer rekeying services.

Then, you’ll be required to bring the lock you want to rekey as well as the keys to your local Ace Hardware store to have it rekeyed.

Additionally, you’ll be required to remove the locks from your doors to bring to Ace Hardware.

After that, the employee at Ace Hardware will begin to rekey your lock, which will take around ten minutes to complete and cost $10 per lock.

If you have a lock that’s a newer Kwikset lock, you may be able to use SmartKey technology to rekey your locks, which Ace Hardware does for free.

What Types Of Locks Can Ace Hardware Rekey?

What Types Of Locks Can Ace Hardware Rekey?

Ace Hardware can rekey locks of the brands Schlage, Kwikset, or Ace brand. Further, Ace Hardware can rekey doorknob or deadbolt locks.

How Much Does It Cost To Rekey Locks At Ace Hardware?

On average, it will cost $10 per lock to rekey your locks at Ace Hardware.

With that, Ace Hardware offers this service significantly cheaper than traditional locksmith prices, which can vary from $20 to $50.

Moreover, if you have a Kwikset lock that can be rekeyed using SmartKey technology, the process will be free at Ace Hardware.

Can I Rekey A Lock Myself?

As well as offering lock rekeying services within its stores, Ace Hardware also provides kits to allow customers to rekey their locks at home.

For example, the top-rated options on the Ace Hardware website for rekeying locks are the Kwikset Metal Smart Key Re-Key Kit 1 pk and the Kwikset Metal Re-Keying Kit 1 pk.

Additionally, many of the lock rekeying items on the Ace Hardware website have ratings above three stars.

Does Ace Hardware Sell Locks?

If you cannot rekey your locks at Ace Hardware, you can also purchase new locks for your doors at the store and on its website.

The top-rated options for door locks on the Ace Hardware website include the Schlage Satin Nickel Steel Electronic Keypad Entry Lock and the Schlage Aged Bronze Steel Electronic Keypad Entry Lock.

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At Ace Hardware, it costs $10 per lock to rekey locks within its stores.

However, not all Ace Hardware stores offer this service, so ensure you verify with your local store if it offers rekeying.

To rekey your locks at Ace Hardware, you’ll need to bring the locks and keys into the store.

Then, previous customers say it takes around ten minutes to rekey a lock at Ace Hardware. Also, you can buy kits at Ace Hardware to rekey locks yourself at home.

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