Does Advance Auto Parts Take Used Oil? (All You Need to Know)

Used oil and oil filters become harmful to the environment if they are not disposed of properly; therefore, you need to find a safe recycling center.

Since Advance Auto Parts specialize in providing automotive products and services, you might be wondering whether the company takes used oil. Here’s what I discovered!

Does Advance Auto Parts Take Used Oil In 2024?

Advance Auto Parts will take used oil as of 2024. These stores provide free oil recycling at most locations unless it’s prohibited by state law; therefore, you should first confirm with your nearest store. If it’s allowed, you can collect your oil in a container and take it to Advance Auto Parts stores.

To learn more about the Advanced Auto Parts oil recycling program, the limit, and how it works, keep on reading!

How Can You Return Used Oil to Advance Auto Parts Stores?

Before taking the used oil to any Advance Auto Parts store, you need to know how to collect the oil correctly.

Ensure that you collect every drop and place the oil in sealed containers made of a suitable plastic, such as polyethylene. You can also use the original oil container.

Additionally, you should avoid placing the oil in containers that contain other fluids.

When you change your engine oil, you can follow these tips from Advance Auto Parts on how to safely store the automotive fluids at home to avoid contamination.

Apart from the oil, you should also take your oil filter for recycling. This is because oil filters can contain as much as 10 oz. of residual oil.

What Type of Oil Does Advance Auto Parts Take?

Advance Auto Parts accepts any type of oil for recycling, even if you didn’t purchase it from one of its stores.

Therefore, after you change your engine oil, you can take it to the nearest store for recycling.

However, you should confirm whether the state laws permit recycling before doing this. If they don’t, you have to take your oil to the city waste management system.

When taking oil to Advance Auto parts stores, ensure that it’s not contaminated with other fluids such as transmission and brake fluids or antifreeze.

Does Advance Auto Parts Charge You to Take Used Oil?

Does Advance Auto Parts Charge You to Take Used Oil?

According to the Advance Auto Parts website, the oil recycling program is free of charge; therefore, they won’t ask for any payment.

As long as your state laws allow it, you can retrieve old oil and deliver it to your nearest Advance Auto Parts shop for free recycling.

How Much Oil Does Advance Auto Parts Take for Disposal?

Most auto shops have an oil limit when receiving old oil-based on local and state government regulations.

Like most stores, Advance Auto Parts will take up to 5 gallons of used oil from one person per day. Therefore, if you have more, you can take it in the next day.

You can also confirm with your nearest store how many gallons it will accept before delivering your used oil.

What Does Advance Auto Parts Do with Used Oil?

Advance Auto Parts stores take used oil from car owners and recycle it to avoid contaminating the environment.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), oil from a single oil change could contaminate about one million gallons of fresh water if it’s disposed of improperly.

When you deliver the recycled oil to Advance Auto Parts, it’s used in furnaces to heat homes and businesses as well as in power plants that provide electricity.

This oil can also be used for marine fuels or refined into new oil. These re-refined engine oils are equally safe and effective for your car’s engine as fresh oil.

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Advance Auto Parts provides free oil recycling services in most stores unless it’s prohibited by state law.

Since oil is a heavy contaminant, Advanced Auto will not charge you for delivering your used oil to their stores and will dispose of it properly.

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