Does Aldi Do Cash Back? (Limits, Potential Fees, Cards + More)

In a world so digitized, few of us still carry cash around at any given time, yet having some on hand can be quite convenient. So it’s no wonder stores started offering consumers the opportunity to get cash back when making purchases.

Many grocery stores offer the option at check-out, but you might be wondering if Aldi does cash back in their locations? I have the answers you need!

Does Aldi Do Cash Back?

Aldi does cash provide back at all of their U.S. locations. Using a debit card or Discover card, customers can get up to $100 back at the check-out registers with no additional charges. Aldi does not give cash back on any other forms of payment.

If you want to find out what debit cards are compatible, what amounts you can get, and what the cash back limit is, read on!

What Type of Cards Can You Use At Aldi For Cash Back?

You can only use your debit card or Discover card to get cash back at Aldi stores.

Aldi does accept other types of payment, including all major credit cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, EBT and cash, but only with a check card or Discover card will the card reader approve a cash back transaction.

Aldi offers cash back for most types of debit cards; it simply must be connected to an active checking account with the funds available. If you have any issues or concerns, you should contact your bank with questions.

Discover Cards offer a cash-back feature that can be used at check-out for a variety of different retailers.

Is There A Fee To Get Cash Back At Aldi?

There is nothing to indicate a fee for choosing the cash-back option at Aldi. You can do so without being penalized.

This can make cash back at Aldi an incredibly convenient and cost-efficient choice, especially for customers who use smaller banks with less convenient ATM options, so they find themselves paying fees at out-of-network ATMs.

To dispel conflicting stories you may have heard, Aldi did receive some blowback and media attention in 2020 for “sneaky surcharges” of .05 percent, but that was for contactless payments.

Contactless payment is not one of the acceptable payment options for receiving cash back.

How Much Cash Back Can You Get At Aldi?

How Much Cash Back Can You Get At Aldi?

Aldi is specific about how much cash back you can get at their registers. The amounts include: $10, $20, $40 or $100. Aldi does not allow customers to request custom amounts.

If you need any amount other than those given, you will have to go to an ATM or a different store.

An educated guess as to why these limitations exist has to do with Aldi’s super-efficient check-out system.

Cashiers are renowned for their lightning-speed check-out abilities, and because Aldi doesn’t accept checks or coupons, the only thing that could slow them down at check-out would be cash back.

By limiting the amounts to either one bill or multiples of the same bill ($20), cashiers can perform the transaction with ease and keep the lines moving (which helps keep prices down).

What Is Aldi’s Cash Back Limit?

Aldi’s cash back limit is $100.

This is especially important to note for Discover card users, because per the company’s website, Discover card customers are permitted to get up to $120 in cash back every 24 hours. At Aldi, they will only be able to get $100 at most.

Is There A Way To Get More Than $100 Cash Back At Aldi?

You can get more than $100 cash back while shopping at Aldi, but you will have to either break up your order into two at the same register; or pay once, re-enter the store, buy something else and go through check-out again.

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Conclusion: Does Aldi Do Cash Back?

Aldi does do cash back up to $100 at all their U.S. stores, as long as you have a compatible debit card or Discover credit card.

This is a convenient service provided by the grocery chain, and yet another reason why people love shopping there so much.

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