Does Aldi Take Apple Pay? (How To, Instacart, Potential Fees + More)

Apple Pay has been around since 2015, but after the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic hit, usage of this and other contactless payment methods saw a steep incline in popularity (almost 400 percent!).

Because of this, you are wondering if Aldi takes Apple Pay so that you can get through check-out fast and easily. Here is what you need to know!

Does Aldi Take Apple Pay?

Aldi does take Apple Pay at all of its 2,000+ locations in the United States. Shoppers can use their iPhones or Apple watches to make payments at the register or use their Apple wallets to pay online, via the shopping delivery app Instacart.

Wondering just how you use Apple Pay in-store at Aldi, how to set it up online, or whether Aldi accepts other forms of contactless payment? Keep reading for the details on all of it!

How Do You Use Apple Pay At Aldi?

iPhone and Apple Watch users can use their devices at check-out in a variety of online and brick-and-mortar stores, including Aldi locations in the US.

The NFC chip is located inside both Apple devices and the card readers at Aldi registers. Aldi began accepting Apple Pay in 2017.

To use Apple Pay in an Aldi store, shoppers must have a card (or cards) registered with Apple Pay on their device already.

Touch ID Method

To use your phone with Touch ID to pay, draw out your device while your items are being scanned and placed in the cart.

From here, your screen should light up and you will see your Apple Wallet appear because your phone has detected the NFC device.

Your iPhone will direct you to keep it near the reader. You can then choose the card you want to use (if you don’t want to use your default payment method), and put the finger you use to unlock on the Touch ID pad, keeping it there until the screen tells you the transaction is complete.

It should say “Done” and a checkmark appears.

Face ID Method

To use your iPhone with Face ID, double-click the button on the side of your phone, look into the phone (as you would unlock it), and then aim the phone closely at the card reader.

Again, the transaction is complete when the screen says “Done” and you see a checkmark.

Apple Watch

To use your Apple Watch when checking out, hold your watch near the reader. Double-click the button on the watch, and you will be given the option to choose your card.

Keep your watch close to the reader, until you feel the “tap” and hear a small beep. That’s your confirmation.

Because technology isn’t perfect, it’s not a bad idea to hold onto your receipt and also keep an eye on the account you used to pay, just to ensure everything went correctly.

Does Aldi Charge A Fee To Use Apple Pay?

Does Aldi Charge A Fee To Use Apple Pay?

There are no fees to you, the customer when using Apple Pay at Aldi.

Further, Aldi had a greater incentive to bring Apple Pay into their stores because Apple, unlike some major credit card companies and banks, Apple does not charge Aldi for every card transaction.

Can You Use Apple Pay At Aldi On Instacart?

Customers can use Apple Pay for their Aldi Instacart orders. This might be particularly handy if someone is a new customer setting up their Instacart account and they don’t have their wallet on hand, but they do have their phone.

Or if they want that extra layer of security since Apple Pay enables commercial transactions without the retailer receiving any of the customer’s financial information.

To use Apple Pay while shopping at Aldi online via Instacart, you must have Apple Pay set up already, with a card registered.

Add your items to the cart and proceed to check out as usual. Instacart will have you confirm delivery or pick-up times and then ask you to confirm the method of payment.

You should see “Apple Pay” as one of the options (if you don’t, check your Apple Wallet and make sure there is a card registered). You simply choose that one, make sure it’s the correct card, and complete your order.

Your phone will then ask you to confirm – via Touch ID or Face ID – that you would like the payment to go through.

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Adding to its reputation for convenience and savings, Aldi does accept Apple Pay at all of their stores in the US. Shoppers on the go can use their iPhones or Apple Watches in stores and enjoy the extra security of Apple Pay when shopping online via Instacart.

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