Does Aldi Drug Test? (Must Read For New Employees)

Landing a new job is an exciting time for anyone, but before you can get to work, many companies require all sorts of paperwork and pre-employment rituals. For a little over half of US companies, that includes drug tests.

With their squeaky-clean brand image and reputation for treating employees well, you might wonder – Does Aldi drug test its new hires? Here is what you need to know.

Does Aldi Drug Test?

Employees from Aldi have stated that Aldi does drug test new employees upon hire, and can occasionally drug test current workers if the need arises. Typically, pre-employment drug tests from Aldi are done via urinalysis at an offsite testing facility.

There is a lot of fine print when it comes to Aldi’s drug test policy, including what types of drugs they test for, where you’ll go to get tested, and what might be changing in states that are legalizing marijuana. Keep reading!

Why Does Aldi Drug Test?

Aldi corporate writes in their employee handbook:

Working, operating Company vehicles, machinery or equipment or being present on Company premises or in any other location performing services for the Company, under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs is not permitted.

Using, possessing, buying, selling, or manufacturing illegal drugs on Company premises or while performing services for the Company is prohibited.”

With this strong emphasis on a drug-free work environment, it is fitting that the company would drug test new hires as an indicator that they might create a drug-related issue in the workplace.

Does Aldi Drug Test All New Hires?

Judging by sources who have been hired, it is safest to assume that everyone will be drug tested as part of their pre-employment at Aldi.

All of Aldi’s job descriptions, via their career site, include the passage “Employment may be contingent upon ALDI’s receipt of an acceptable and job-related drug test, motor vehicle report, and/or reference check, as applicable and permissible by law.

They couldn’t state it any clearer. Don’t make the mistake of assuming you won’t get drug tested by Aldi, just because you heard of someone who heard of someone that didn’t.

How Does Aldi Conduct Their Drug Tests?

Aldi is known to conduct their drug tests in a few different ways, the first of which is much more common.

This method occurs in the midst of a second or third interview when the hiring manager will direct potential new employees to an off-site, third-party testing facility (a company like the Associated Clinical Laboratories will be used).

The test will occur at a facility like this at an agreed-upon date and time that is planned out ahead of time. The sample is collected unsupervised (you are alone in the restroom).

The second possibility that has circulated is that upon arriving for an interview, potential hires were then surprised with trips to the off-site facility to get spontaneous drug tests.

When a company like Aldi states that they promote a drug-free environment, it’s important to take them at their word and be prepared for an unannounced test at any point.

What Drugs Does Aldi Test For?

What Drugs Does Aldi Test For?

Aldi tests for a wide variety of drugs in your urine, including THC (marijuana), opiates, cocaine, and amphetamines.

Additionally, since Aldi used a urinalysis for testing, it is considered very accurate for picking up these substances.

What Happens If Your Aldi Drug Test Comes Back Positive?

Unfortunately, a positive test knocks you out of the running. You will most likely receive your results in a few days, via regular mail, while Aldi is more likely to hear from the lab by fax.

If you tested positive for any of the above, chances are good you will not hear from the hiring manager again, or if you do, it will be to let you know they won’t be continuing the hiring process with you.

Aldi is a desirable company to work for, so you might be tempted to apply again, this time refraining from drug use long before you begin the process. One site recommends waiting at least six months before applying once more.

Does Aldi Drug Test Current Employees?

Aldi has been known to drug test current employees! After all, once you are hired you are going to be on company property regularly and it’s important for them to maintain a drug-free environment.

That said, given Aldi’s written, stated drug-free policy, it’s important to note that testing is most likely to occur when someone has given a good reason for management to suspect recent drug use.

Aldi isn’t out there trying to spoil anyone’s fun; it is a huge matter of safety in stores, where heavy items and machinery are the norms, and where hundreds of customers pass through every day.

Does Aldi Drug Test In States Where Medical or Recreational Marijuana Is Legal?

This is a tricky and emerging situation, as more states in the US legalize marijuana on a medical or recreational basis.

Aldi corporate has not officially stated anything, but there has been some chatter on sites like the Aldi subreddit, where users claim that in keeping with the changing marijuana laws, Aldi no longer denies hire/fires based on a positive THC test.

They claim this applies to all stores, in all states, simply to keep the rules standardized.

A few people in states where medical marijuana is legal have also mentioned that they were upfront that THC would show up in their drug tests and provided proof of its medical necessity at the interview.

Some users report that as of 2021 Aldi isn’t even drug-testing non-management hires!

However, whatever the claims of individual people, Aldi itself has not made any official statement or amended its employee handbook.

So while they might make these policy changes in the future (and in accordance with federal law), it is not worth taking a chance on currently.

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Aldi does drug test new hires, as well as current employees, as part of its strict no-drug policy. Prospective employees going through the hiring process should expect a drug test to be administered at some point before officially being brought onto the Aldi team.

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