Does Aldi Have Bags? (Do You Need To Bring One + Other FAQs)

While many supermarkets continue to offer plastic grocery bags at check-out, environmental concern has led some to start bringing reusable bags shopping. The plastic bags are convenient, but the reusables are definitely better for the planet.

Wondering if Aldi has bags in their stores, especially since you might have heard they don’t have any? Well, wonder no more, because I have everything you need to know!

Does Aldi Have Bags?

Aldi does have bags at their stores. They must be purchased, and the cost is added to your grocery total. Aldi has classic brown paper bags, plastic grocery-style bags, reusable shopping totes, and even insulated bags available for purchase at a variety of low price points, starting at just seven cents.

Read on for more information about Aldi’s bag policies, where they’re located, how much each bag costs and even other in-store options besides bags!

Do You Need To Bring A Bag To Aldi?

You do not need to bring a bag to Aldi, but the company prefers if you do, to keep costs low for both customers and stores.

While Aldi locations offer bags to purchase, the company always appreciates customers who bring their own.

What Kind Of Bags Does Aldi Carry?

Aldi offers four types of bags for purchase:

  • Brown paper bags, like all the grocery stores used to have; they will last two or three trips if you don’t get them wet, and they’re recyclable once they’ve served their purpose.
  • Sturdier reusable plastic grocery bags with either soft handles or stiff plastic ones. These bags are deceptively strong.
  • Grocery totes, which feel more like cloth than plastic and are quite roomy.
  • Insulated bags for cold items.

How Much Does Aldi Charge For Bags?

Aldi charges about seven cents (all prices may vary by store/location) for their classic brown paper bags.

The plastic grocery bags will run you about 10 cents, while the shopping totes (which feel more like a cloth) are around $1.99.

The insulated bags, designed to keep your refrigerated and freezer items cold (great to repurpose for a beach day, too), ring up around one dollar.

Why Does Aldi Charge For Bags?

Why Does Aldi Charge For Bags?

Aldi’s philosophy is to offer customers the very lowest prices on food and goods. To achieve that end the store encourages patrons to bring their own bags.

However, people are going to forget or first-time shoppers might not know. To help keep prices low, Aldi offsets the cost of making bags available by selling them for a few cents or dollars.

It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement, because the bags are still affordable, and they are good quality and reusable!

Where Do You Find Bags At Aldi?

Finding bags at Aldi is a breeze! Most of the bags are right up at the front by the registers, in the built-in shelves under the conveyor belt.

Grab what you need and put them on the conveyor belt with your items, so the cashier knows to ring them up.

The insulated bags may be on hanging displays near the frozen section or up near the registers, so if you don’t see them under the conveyor belt, look up.

Are There Any Options Other Than Bags At Aldi?

There are other options than bags at your local Aldi!

If you have forgotten your bag and simply don’t want to shell out the extra money to purchase, you can always snag an empty product box (or two or however many you need) and use it to convey groceries from cart to car to kitchen.

Empty boxes might be sitting on the shelves, on the floor or have been wrangled into big metal carts and left off to the side. You can help yourself, and they’re free!

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Aldi does have bags available for purchase, and like all their other products, they are very reasonably priced. Even better, they are reusable and recyclable, so customers can feel good about their environmental impact.

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