Does Aldi Pay Weekly? (All You Need To Know)

Anyone working for Aldi will tell you: you get a fair wage for a lot of hard work that will keep you hustling from start to end of shift. Indeed, Aldi is famous for its much-higher-than-average starting wage, which outpaces the national minimum wage of $7.25 by more than $4 or $5.

But when do employees get to collect the fruits of their labor? Does Aldi pay weekly or by some other schedule? Continue reading we have the answer you’re seeking!

Does Aldi Pay Weekly In 2024?

Aldi pays its employees biweekly, or every two weeks in 2024. Employees can opt for direct deposit, the easiest method, or ask for paper checks as payment. Furthermore, the pay period runs from Thursday to Thursday, with the former two weeks’ accumulation dispersed on payday, a Friday. However, depending on your bank, direct deposits may be available early.

To learn more about Aldi’s pay schedule, all the payment options available, and even if Aldi employees get a discount in addition to great wages, keep reading! I have all you need to know below!

Does Aldi Pay Every Week Or Every Two Weeks?

Aldi pays every two weeks, or bi-weekly.

The way its pay periods are set up is this: The pay period runs from Thursday to Thursday, two weeks from the start.

For example, say you have a month with a Thursday on the 3rd, 10th, and a Thursday on the 17th. The entire pay period runs from the 3rd through the 17th, two weeks’ worth.

Then the payday would fall on two Fridays – not the immediate 18th, but the 25th.

Meanwhile, the new pay period started the previous Thursday, the 17th, right where the last one left off and runs through to the 31st.

Furthermore, Payday for the previous period falls in the middle of the new pay period.

That way the company has time to process everyone’s hours and disperse to the appropriate banks (or get the checks printed).

How Does Aldi Pay Its Employees?

Aldi employees can opt for direct deposit, which is the easiest method, or ask for paper checks.

You can decide during onboarding which you’d prefer because that is when they’ll take your bank information (you will have to know your checking account and routing number).

Furthermore, some people might opt for paper checks because their bank has a history of delaying deposits.

After all, a delay on a Friday could mean no pay until the next business day – Monday.

Does Aldi Hold The First Paycheck?

Does Aldi Hold The First Paycheck?

Since Aldi only pays bi-weekly, you can start working at a bad time during the pay period. One commenter on reported this happened to them.

Using the above example for a pay period that runs from the 3rd of the month through to the 17th, say you start work on the 16th, the very end of the period.

Rather than cut you a check for the next payday, they might hold it and tack it onto the next, which would mean waiting almost a month for a first payment.

What Day Do Aldi Workers Get Paid?

Aldi disperses funds every other Friday, but some people have reported that they have received their direct deposits a little early, like late Thursday.

However, when you receive your direct deposit really depends on the bank.

Some, especially smaller banking institutes, may take a few days to process the deposit and disperse funds.

Of course, that can really slow things down, because with payments occurring on Fridays, the next technical business day is Monday.

Do Aldi Employees Get A Discount?

Aldi employees do not get a store discount for working at the company.

The reason Aldi gives is that since the company already offers much higher wages and a comprehensive benefits package, employee discounts would cause item prices to rise, as well.

How Much Does Aldi Pay?

In August 2021 Aldi announced it was raising its wages so that the starting pay would average $15 an hour for store employees.

However, warehouse employees make out even better, with their starting wages averaging $19 an hour.

Actual wages for store employees generally start at $12.50.

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Aldi is proud of its track record for higher-than-average wages, which it dispenses on a bi-weekly basis, through check or direct deposit on Fridays.

Furthermore, most employees who opt for direct deposit will receive their pay early Friday, but some might see it late Thursday, while others could be waiting a few days. However, it all depends on your bank.

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