Does Amazon Deliver To Pakistan? (All You Need To Know)

If you need to get a package sent to Pakistan, you may be wondering whether or not Amazon will deliver there.

I wanted to know more about Amazon’s delivery range too, so I did some digging, and here is what I learned about Amazon deliveries to Pakistan.

Does Amazon Deliver To Pakistan?

Unfortunately, very few Amazon items can be delivered to Pakistan. Pakistan falls outside of Amazon’s standard international delivery zone, and most Amazon Marketplace sellers do not offer international shipping to Pakistan. To see if items can be shipped to Pakistan, visit’s International Shopping page and enter the delivery information.

If you’re still curious about Amazon shipping and delivery policies for Pakistan, then keep reading to find out everything you need to know.

Does Amazon Ship Free To Pakistan?

Amazon free shipping is not available to Pakistan or surrounding countries.

In some cases, free AmazonGlobal Standard Shipping will display as an option under eligible destinations and items, but Pakistan is not included.

The good news is recent expansions to Amazon International Shopping mean a wider selection of products from Amazon’s main U.S. store may be shipped to Pakistan.

It’s important to enter your delivery address before shopping on Amazon so you don’t find a product you want just to learn it doesn’t ship to Pakistan.

What Amazon Products Can Be Shipped To Pakistan?

To find Amazon products available for shipping to Pakistan, check out the Amazon International Shopping page.

This page acts as a filtered shopping platform that excludes items that cannot be shipped to the intended address in Pakistan.

Every product is different, but there are some books, home and kitchen gear, electronics, tools, and personal care products that can be delivered to Pakistan.

Additionally, third-party sellers on Amazon have different shipping requirements, and it’s important to check the merchant and shipping information on each product listing before purchasing.

If there are any issues with the intended delivery address, you will see a notice from Amazon letting you know.

How Much Does Amazon Shipping to Pakistan Cost?

How Much Does Amazon Shipping to Pakistan Cost?

If you find Amazon products you want to be shipped to Pakistan, keep in mind the shipping price will be steeper than standard international delivery.

Amazon sellers may charge upwards of $20-$40 depending on the item size and shipping requirements.

In some cases, Amazon shoppers in Pakistan may use a forwarding service instead to get the packages to the right place.

You can view Amazon’s global shipping rates to get a better idea of how much shipping to Pakistan would cost at a minimum. 

For standard shipping to the Middle East, costs start at $4.99. Priority shipping costs a minimum of $18.99, and expedited shipping will cost at least $39.99.

These rates only apply to products found on the Amazon International Shopping page.

How Long Does Amazon Shipping to Pakistan Take?

Amazon shipping times to Pakistan depend on a variety of factors, including the selected shipping time and the product distribution location.

While most of Amazon’s fulfillment centers are located in the U.S., there are also centers in Europe and Asia.

If your intended product is available in Europe, the shipping times to Pakistan may be faster than if the products are coming from the U.S.

Because of this, customers should expect Amazon international shipping to Pakistan to take 1-2 weeks at least.

When you place an order on Amazon, the expected delivery date will appear in the order details and the confirmation email.

This will give you a better idea of when to expect an Amazon package to arrive in Pakistan or any other country.

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Pakistan is outside of Amazon’s standard delivery zone, so there aren’t many products that can be delivered there.

However, Amazon recently expanded its international shopping to include more items for delivery to countries around the world, and some more items may be offered for shipping to Pakistan.

While you shouldn’t expect millions of products to be shipped to Pakistan like what’s available for U.S. shoppers, you can visit Amazon’s International Shopping page and type in the delivery address.

This filtered search will bring up items that are available for delivery to Pakistan.

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