Does Amazon Deliver To Mexico? (All You Need To Know)

One of the best things about ordering products from Amazon is the company’s ability to offer two or even same-day shipping.

But, if you live in Mexico, you may be wondering if you can have your Amazon order delivered to your address because it is not in the United States.

Here is everything you want to know about Amazon’s shipping process to Mexico that I uncovered throughout my research!

Does Amazon Deliver Products To Mexico?

Amazon does deliver certain products to a majority of addresses in Mexico. The shipping fees cost around $15 and $50, depending on the shipping time, the number of products, and the time of year. However, some products ship for free. Amazon also charges an Import Fee for orders to Mexico.

To learn more about Amazon’s shipping policy for products delivered to Mexico, and more, keep on reading!

How Do You Ship Items From Amazon To Mexico?

To have your Amazon orders delivered to your address in Mexico, you will need to change a couple of settings in your Amazon account online.

The first step in getting your products shipped to Mexico is logging in to your Amazon account on your computer. Then hover your cursor over the ‘Accounts & Lists’ section and click on the ‘Your Account’ tab.

Next, click on the ‘Your Addresses’ option under ‘Ordering and Shopping Preferences.’ After selecting ‘Add A New Address,’ input your address information for your location in Mexico.

Make sure you remember to input your country in the top dropdown menu. After you save your information, select the ‘Set As Default’ option next to the international address you have just added.

After these steps, you can ship items to your address in Mexico.

How Much Does Amazon Charge For International Shipping?

The shipping charges for international purchases vary based on the seller, what type of product you purchase, and how many items you buy at one time.

For example, if you buy multiple things from Amazon to be shipped to Mexico, there may be multiple shipping charges.

Additionally, any non-media products delivered to Mexico have shipping charges that the Amazon sellers set themselves.

When shipping products to Mexico, the standard time it takes is between three and six weeks, and it will cost you between $15 and $25 to ship.

However, if the product is delivered within three to seven days, the shipping charges will cost around $50.

Can You Get Free Shipping On Amazon Products Delivered Mexico?

There is a way to receive free shipping from Amazon on your order to Mexico. However, there are a few steps to ensure you will not have to pay for shipping.

Additionally, some addresses in Mexico do not qualify for free shipping. To search for eligible items that are eligible for free shipping, search for things that are available on Amazon Global.

To qualify for free shipping, your order will need to total over $49 before taxes.

As you checkout, select Free AmazonGlobal Standard Shipping and ‘Group My Items into as Few Shipments as Possible.’

Then, you will need to pay and complete your order as you usually would.

What Products Qualify For Delivery To Mexico?

Does Amazon Deliver To Mexico

Unfortunately, only some products on Amazon qualify for delivery to Mexico. To save time while shopping online, applying a filter on eligible products is possible.

After setting your address in Mexico as your default address, you will need to apply the International Shipping Filter.

When you click on a product, Amazon informs you whether or not the item can be shipped to your address in Mexico.

In addition to Mexico, Amazon delivers to about 120 different countries internationally.

Are There Import Fees To Deliver Amazon Products to Mexico?

When making an international order, Amazon charges an Import Fee Deposit upon checkout, which will be specified in your order summary.

The fees Amazon charges for imports may not represent the actual amount paid to customs authorities.

However, if the Import Fee Deposit you pay is lower than the actual Import Fees charged, Amazon will refund your money immediately.

Additionally, the Import Fees depend on the classification of the goods, which country the order is going to, and how many products are ordered at once.

Does Amazon Have Warehouses Located In Mexico?

As of 2019, Amazon opened new facilities in Mexico to streamline their deliveries and expand their franchise.

Amazon’s facilities in Mexico include four buildings that occupy over 300,000 square feet of space.

The warehouses in Mexico represent an investment of over $125 million.

However, one of the reasons Amazon owner Jeff Bezos wanted to expand into Mexico was to create more jobs.

For example, the warehouses in Mexico created over 3,000 jobs, with 1,500 of them being in the distribution center.

A spokesperson for Amazon reports that the new jobs offer competitive wages, a number of benefits, and valuable work experience for all their employees, just like the warehouses in the United States provide.

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Amazon delivers several products to Mexico; some even qualify for free shipping if your order reaches $49 before taxes.

However, some shipping costs vary between $15 and $50, depending on the product.

The reason Amazon charges import fees is to pay for charges that custom authorities have.

To ship items to Amazon, you must set your default address as your address in Mexico.

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