Does Amazon Have A Recycling Program? (Full Guide)

Amazon ships and delivers millions of packages every day to customers all over the world. With how expansive the company is, you may be wondering about Amazon’s environmental footprint.

For example, does Amazon have any recycling programs in place for its customers? Or is Amazon taking any steps to become a sustainable company?

Here is everything I discovered about Amazon’s recycling process and how they make an effort to be a sustainable company.

Does Amazon Have A Recycling Program?

Amazon has two recycling programs in place that allow customers to recycle packaging materials and old technology. Additionally, Amazon’s facilities use third-party recycling companies to reuse plastic and cardboard for packaging. As a company, Amazon has invested millions in recycling programs to help streamline curbside recycling and reduce waste.

To learn more details about the recycling programs Amazon currently has in place for its customers, keep on reading!

How Many Recycling Programs Does Amazon Have?

Amazon currently has two recycling programs in place for their customers to take advantage of if they wish.

The recycling options Amazon offers include the chance to recycle the packaging in which products are delivered as well as old electronics.

Amazon calls their customer recycling program Amazon Second Chance.

Through Amazon Second Chance, customers can also browse pre-owned and refurbished electronics and shop for in-home repair kits for smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Amazon’s intentions with the Amazon Second Chance program are to prevent unnecessary waste in packaging materials and electronics.

How Do You Recycle With Amazon?

Whether you wish to recycle your old electronics or Amazon packaging materials, Amazon makes it simple to do.

The e-commerce company even provides easy-to-follow instructions so you properly recycle your old materials!

Recycling Devices

Amazon and UPS have teamed up to provide a simple recycling process for your old devices.

First, you need to locate the Amazon Recycling Program website to find all the information you will need.

After locating the website, simply follow the on-screen instructions. The information you enter into the site will be used to provide a UPS shipping label for you to print.

Then, follow the packaging guidelines that Amazon offers and drop your package off at the nearest UPS store.

Amazon pays for the cost of shipping your old devices and also erases all personal information from the device.

You can also trade in your old device in exchange for Amazon gift cards. Amazon accepts non-Amazon devices and even tech gear that does not work anymore.

However, it is not guaranteed that you will receive a gift card upon trading in an old device.

Recycling Packaging

Although Amazon does not recycle old packaging materials for you, they do provide instructions as to which materials can be recycled and which cannot.

For example, Amazon’s cardboard totes, brown paper bags, plastic produce bags, and frozen water bottles are all eligible for curbside recycling services.

However, Amazon’s insulated bag liners, dry ice packs, and coolant packs cannot be recycled.

Amazon recommends reusing non-recyclable packaging materials if possible to cut down on unnecessary waste.

Does Amazon Recycle As A Company?

Does Amazon Recycled As A Company?

Not only does Amazon help their customers recycle, but they also implement recycling programs of their own at the warehouses.

By teaming up with third-party recycling haulers, Amazon can recycle corrugated boards from their facilities.

Corrugated board is the most common material used in operations at Amazon, so recycling the material reduces waste significantly.

Additionally, Amazon uses third-party recyclers to buy packaging made from recycled materials.

Recently, Amazon’s poly bags are made of 100% recycled material, which reduces plastic film.

When Amazon’s poly bags are returned to their facilities via customer returns, Amazon converts them into new poly bags, successfully repeating the recycling process.

Although not every Amazon facility recycles plastic film, more than 150 sites across North America do as of June 2021.

Does Amazon Invest In Recycling?

Amazon has also invested millions of dollars into recycling programs to help make the recycling process easier for people all over the country.

Closed Loop Infrastructure

Amazon recently invested $10 million in the Closed Loop Infrastructure Fund.

This fund will help Amazon increase packaging recycling, ensuring the material makes its way back into the manufacturing supply chain.

The investment also intends to improve curbside recycling for over three million homes and prevent one million tons of recyclable material from reaching landfills.

The Recycling Partnership

Amazon has also partnered with The Recycling Partnership, which helps make curbside recycling easier for people.

Specifically, the partnership helps educate communities and local governments about the infrastructure and measurements related to curbside recycling.

Is Amazon A Sustainable Company?

Amazon has taken massive strides to become a sustainable company. For example, in 2020, the company was the world’s largest corporate purchaser of renewable energy.

With that, Amazon used 65% renewable energy across their business.

Currently, Amazon aims to become a company powered by 100% renewable energy by 2025 and reach net-zero carbon by 2040.

Some of the resources Amazon uses to operate a sustainable business are electric delivery vehicles, solar power, and wind power.

Amazon is, in fact, a sustainable company and is taking the steps necessary to reduce its environmental footprint in all aspects of its supply chain.

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Despite how massive the company is, Amazon does an exceptional job at recycling and reducing waste. For example, Amazon helps customers recycle old devices and packaging materials.

Additionally, Amazon invests millions into recycling programs that intend to make the process of recycling easier for everyone across the country.

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