Does Amazon Offer Weekend Only Jobs? (All You Need to Know)

Many of our readers seek work on weekends or during other part-time hours, and would like to know if Amazon offers weekend-only jobs.

So, if you want to apply for a weekend-only job at Amazon, read this article to learn more about weekend availability!

Does Amazon Offer Weekend Only Jobs In [currentyear]?

Amazon offers a variety of flexibly hourly positions, including several weekend only jobs in [currentyear]. Many weekend-only jobs can be found at Amazon warehouses like fulfillment associates and grocery associates. Amazon Anytime Shift allows workers the freedom to pick their schedules. Employees can work as few as 4 hours a week in grocery shopper and Locker+ associate positions.

To find out more about the many flexible positions available at Amazon besides weekend-only jobs, keep reading!

Amazon warehouses have many hourly positions with flexible positions to fit anyone’s busy lifestyle, including weekend-only jobs.

Some of the positions that are available to work on weekend shifts are as follows:

1. Fulfillment Center Associates

Most of the duties of fulfillment center associates required them to process merchandise, customer returns, and online orders quickly.

Sometimes processing must be completed in as few as 2-hours or less before delivery service.

2. Grocery Warehouse Associate

Like fulfillment associates, Grocery warehouse associates must rapidly process, check the quality, and verify grocery orders before delivery.

3. Amazon Air Associate

Although Amazon Air is a relatively new venture, associates have many duties as other warehouse associates.

Besides processing orders, Amazon Air associates also need to ensure the cargo is secured correctly in the planes.

4. Delivery Station Associate

Delivery station associates are trained to use conveyor belts to help move and stage packages before truck pickup.

Following staging, some associates may even assist with loading bulk items onto trucks.

5. Sortation Center Associate

Finally, as an Amazon sortation center associate, your job will include sorting packages and scanning them in preparation for delivery.

How Can I Find Amazon Weekend Only Jobs Near Me?

Begin your search on the Amazon jobs website when looking for Amazon weekend-only jobs close to your location. 

Follow this link to go directly to the Amazon warehouse jobs home page.

From there, click on the link that says “Warehouse Jobs Near You.” Next, enter your zip code, and you will be asked several questions.

Next, Respond to the following questions to narrow possible positions:

  • How many hours a week can you work?
  • Which times work best for you?
  • How long are you planning to work at Amazon?
  • When can you start working?

In the event that no results appear after answering, you can adjust your filters or sign up for email alerts for future openings.

Can I Work at Amazon 3 Days a Week?

Can I Work at Amazon 3 Days a Week?

At Amazon, associates can work various unique schedules, including three days a week.

Can Workers Pick Their Schedules at Amazon?

In general, workers have plenty of flexibility with their schedules at Amazon. 

As you can see, this is an excellent perk for employees who want to work as much or as little as they wish.

However, note that some jobs can only be done at certain times of the day.

One unique way Amazon handles scheduling is with Amazon Anytime Shifts, where employees are given the freedom to choose their own work hours.

In fact, employees can work as few as 4 hours or schedule overtime, all via a convenient app!

Like regular Amazon schedules, weekend, night, and early morning shifts are possible.

Besides receiving standard hourly pay, employees are eligible for perks like:

  • Ability to easily cancel a shift with prior approval
  • Power to decide your vacation days
  • Retirement Savings
  • Employee Assistance Plan
  • Employee Discounts

What Are Amazon Anytime Shift Jobs?

Some of the jobs that are considered Amazon Anytime Shift positions are as follows:

1. Amazon Delivery Station Warehouse Associate

As previously discussed, delivery station associate roles are very physical.

Not only do they receive items from the truck, but they also prep items before loading. In addition, they often must handle bulk items.

2. Grocery Shopper

As part of Amazon Fresh, grocery shoppers work in Whole Foods Market and process grocery orders before delivery.

Once an order is received, shoppers pick the items, check for quality and package before shipping.

3. Fulfillment Center Warehouse Associate

As discussed above, fulfillment center associates must work quickly to ensure inventory is selected correctly once ordered, packaged, and ready for shipment.

4. Grocery Fresh Associate

Similar to the grocery shopper role, the grocery fresh team associates process online food orders.

However, these associates work in Amazon fulfillment centers rather than Whole Food stores.

5. XL Warehouse Associate

When bulk items must be processed and loaded for shipping, XL warehouse associates are in charge.

Typically, they work with larger items like television, furniture, and appliances.

Therefore, they must quickly and safely transport them from the warehouse and load them on delivery trucks for transport.

6. Locker+ Customer Service Associate

As a Locker+ associate, you will receive, pick, and stow customer orders in commercial locations.

Additionally, you will be available to assist customers making onsite returns or that may have questions.

Follow this link to search for Anytime Shift Jobs near you!

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If you’re applying for a job at Amazon, it’s essential to know what options you have that can help you work around your preferred schedule. Some hourly jobs are available on weekends, but many others are available part-time.

Another unique program, Amazon Anytime Shifts, allows workers to choose their hours. For more information on flexible jobs and part-time shifts at Amazon locations near you, search Amazon jobs.

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