Does Amazon Sell Contact Lenses? (You’ll Be Surprised)

Many shoppers who require glasses and eyewear are regularly searching for deals on contacts, glasses, and other eye care. Many have found success by shopping online and accessing deals!

If you require contact lenses, you may wonder if Amazon sells non-prescription lenses. If so, keep reading this article to see what I learned and for extra tips!

Does Amazon Sell Contact Lenses?

In previous years, Amazon sold colored contact lenses but has since stopped any sale of contact lenses as they do not meet their company’s requirements for merchandise. Contact lenses for sight are illegal to sell without a prescription, and therefore Amazon cannot sell them both for legal reasons and safety precautions.

If you’d like to learn more about which eye care products Amazon sells, if they sell glasses, and where you can purchase contact lenses, continue reading for more facts and information!

Does Amazon Sell Eye Care Products?

While Amazon cannot sell contact lenses, they sell many eye care products that customers can use with their contact lenses to reduce itchiness, irritation, and other ailments!

Amazon sells a selection of eye drops, eye wash, eyelid cleansing wipes, eye ointment, eye dropper, electric eye massagers, eye antioxidants, pink eye relief, and eye health supplements.

Customers who wear contact lenses are often recommended to use these products if they have sensitive eyes, and can locate them on Amazon for reasonable prices and from a variety of brands!

Also, Amazon sells eyeglass grips for a more comfortable wear when putting on their glasses and ice packs specifically meant for sore eyes!

Which Eye Care Brands Does Amazon Carry?

Amazon carries a wide selection of eye care products and a large selection of brands.

Currently, Amazon stocks the following brands:

  • Optique1
  • hydraSense
  • Systane
  • Bodico
  • Visine
  • BioTrue
  • CandorVision
  • ThealozDuo
  • Bausch & Lomb
  • Tears Naturale
  • Optrex
  • Clear Eyes
  • Similasan
  • Vorst
  • thera tears
  • Webber Naturals
  • Safe Cross
  • Flents
  • Hylo Forte
  • Vogel
  • Refresh Liquigel
  • Collyre Bleu
  • AOR
  • Refresh Plus
  • Menicon
  • Opti Tears

There are a variety of other eye care brands that Amazon carries in addition to these listed above!

These brands focus on eye drops, eye wash solutions, and other medications that can be paired with contact lenses.

If customers have sensitive eyes, it’s recommended they ask their optometrist about whether or not the above-mentioned products are suitable for their eyes.

Does Amazon Sell Reading Glasses?

Does Amazon Sell Reading Glasses?

While Amazon doesn’t sell contact lenses, they do sell a variety of reading glasses that customers can utilize while waiting for their prescription contacts!

Amazon sells regular reading glasses as well as blue light glasses for computers, tablets, and other devices. Glasses can be purchased for around $25 and through a variety of different companies!

Optical wear companies such as LifeArt sell highly rated reading glasses that are affordable and can be used as a temporary replacement for prescription glasses or contact lenses!

Customer reviews for these glasses are largely favorable and regard LifeArt reading glasses as being comfortable and work well at filtering the blue light of computer and device screens!

Can I Buy Contact Lenses Online?

While Amazon cannot sell contacts, a variety of online sellers are qualified to do so! Customers can order their lenses and have them shipped within a few days.

However, despite the convenience of ordering contacts online, there are a number of risks involved when doing so, according to a reliable source for optical health.

Some risks include the following:

  • Some websites have not verified their prescriptions, which poses a risk of wearing an optically incorrect lens or a lens that doesn’t fit properly.
  • Many online contact sellers have not been officially approved by government health authorities such as the FDA, calling the safety of these lenses into question.
  • Customers ordering lenses from another country may be exposed to temperature changes and transport methods that can damage the lenses before arrival.
  • Online vendors may not be able to provide replacement lenses.
  • Overseas distribution for contacts may operate with counterfeit products.

Customers who wish to purchase their contacts online are therefore urged to conduct research on the company they are purchasing their lenses from in order to pose less risk to their eyes!

Which Websites Currently Sell Contact Lenses?

There are a number of online stores that sell contact lenses!

Customers are wise to consult websites that have good reputations for supplying contacts. One of these sites is the following:

  • Lens is a well-known contact lens supplier in the USA! They are partnered with optometrists and fully licensed opticians, making their product a less risky choice
  • Lens recommends visiting an eye doctor and having eyes examined before purchasing contacts from their company to ensure clients are not risking their optical health
  • Additionally, Lens is highly praised on reliable review sites such as TrustPilot

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Amazon no longer sells coloured contact lenses due to health and safety risks, and is not licensed to carry prescription contact lenses.

However, Amazon sells a variety of eye care products that can be paired with contacts, as well as good quality reading glasses!

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