Does American Airlines Have Premium Economy? (Your Full Guide)

There are so many decisions to make when booking a flight. Do you go want to pay big bucks to fly in style, or opt to fly coach?

What if there were a middle ground? Keep reading to find out if American Airlines’ Premium Economy class is the right choice for your next flight!

Does American Airlines Have Premium Economy In [currentyear]?

American Airlines has a Premium Economy offering in [currentyear]. Premium Economy provides more benefits than the standard economy and “Main Cabin Extra” seats. However, the benefits don’t extend to the level of first-class. A Premium Economy ticket will cost around $200-$600 more than its standard counterpart. American Airlines’ international fleet is fully equipped to offer a Premium Economy experience.

Stuck between choosing how to fly on American Airlines? Want all the perks without the big price tag? Keep reading to learn more about American Airlines’ Premium Economy class!

Does American Airlines Have Premium Economy Seating?

Premium Economy seating is available on all Boeing 777 and 787 airplanes. This makes Premium Economy available on the majority of American Airlines’ international flights.

Premium Economy seating became available in May of 2017.

Does American Airlines Have Premium Economy On Domestic Flights?

American Airlines currently does not have Premium Economy seating for domestic flights.

However, passengers will find an alternative to this in the form of “Main Cabin Extra.”

Main Cabin Extra seating only offers extra legroom and seating ahead of the standard economy.

The benefits of Premium Economy are much more comprehensive, so Main Cabin Extra isn’t a true replacement for Premium Economy.

American Airlines Premium Economy International

American Airlines has a Premium Economy seating plan for international flights. It offers more benefits than the standard economy ticket, but less than a first-class ticket.

What Is the Difference Between American Airlines Economy and Premium Economy?

There are many advantages to flying as a Premium Economy passenger.

Before passengers board the plane, they have access to expedited check-in and security. Additionally, Premium Economy passengers will get their checked bags first upon landing.

Wider seats are another benefit of flying premium. This includes access to more legroom and extendable headrests.

Larger monitors and remotes are also given to passengers who choose to fly premium.

Passengers will also be glad to hear that they will be able to enjoy chef-inspired meals.

Premium sleep essentials and amenities are also provided.

What Is the Difference Between Premium Economy and First Class On American Airlines?

What Is the Difference Between Premium Economy and First Class On American Airlines?

Here are the following differences between first-class passengers and Premium Economy passengers:

  • First-class passengers have access to a private check-in lineup
  • Flagship lounges are open to first-class passengers in select cities
  • Five-star service that includes assistance with connecting flights
  • Arrivals lounges that feature a spa are also included in first-class
  • Seats fully lie flat on first class

Does Premium Economy Get Lounge Access with American Airlines?

Unfortunately, Premium Economy passengers do not have access to the Admiral’s Club Lounges.

However, if passengers have an eligible AA or Oneworld elite status, they will be allowed into the lounge- regardless of their ticket.

Is Premium Economy Better Than Main Cabin On American Airlines?

Premium Economy offers a wider array of benefits than “Main Cabin Extra” on American Airlines.

Passengers flying in “Main Cabin Extra” only get to enjoy additional legroom.

Premium Economy offers benefits above and beyond this, including chef-inspired dining and larger TV monitors.

Are Drinks Free On American Airlines Premium Economy?

Passengers can enjoy complimentary drinks on an American Airlines Premium Economy flight.

What Are Preferred Seats On American Airlines?

Preferred seats on American Airlines are closer to the front of the plane. This means that passengers will be able to board and exit more quickly.

It is worth noting that preferred seating does not include any extra legroom or added service.

Which Is Better- Economy or Premium Economy?

Economy class is the entry-level ticket that passengers can purchase when flying with American Airlines.

Premium Economy allows customers to upgrade this ticket (at a cost) to unlock many perks.

How Much Does It Cost to Upgrade to Premium Economy?

An upgrade to Premium Economy costs about 15% to 20% compared to the standard economy fare. This can range from $200 to $600.

Is It Worth It to Pay for Premium Economy?

Whether or not it is worth paying for a Premium Economy ticket is dependent on many factors.

First, there is price.

Some fares will end up on the lower end making them very close to a standard economy fare.

It is almost always worth upgrading if this is the case. The cost is marginal, but the benefits are huge.

Second, passengers will need to take flight length into consideration. Longer flights will allow the passenger to make the most out of their Premium Economy seating.

Finally, a premium ticket will net passengers more reward miles. This means passengers can earn an elite status quicker.

American Airlines Premium Economy Baggage

Premium economy has the same baggage fees as a standard economy fare.

However, passengers can benefit from expedited check-in and boarding at the airport. Passengers will also receive their checked bags as a priority when landing.

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American Airlines’ Premium Economy fare offers passengers an opportunity to enjoy much-desired perks without fully upgrading to first class.

Premium Economy passengers will not get the full range of benefits that first-class passengers enjoy. However, Premium Economy still offers many of the sought-after benefits included in first-class.

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