Does AutoZone Change Spark Plugs? (All You Need To Know)

While some parts of your vehicle, like spark plugs, are quite small compared to other components, they are one of the most critical parts of your car.

Spark plugs help with the engine’s combustion process, so they must work properly. But, if your plugs are damaged, can AutoZone change them for you? Here’s all you need to know!

Does AutoZone Change Spark Plugs In [currentyear]?

AutoZone doesn’t change spark plugs for its customers in [currentyear]. As an auto store, it might not provide mechanic services, but will refer you to other service providers such as Walmart that can change them. Additionally, the staff can direct you on how to change spark plugs yourself, and sell you tools to change the spark plugs at home.

For more information about whether AutoZone changes spark plugs, read on for more useful facts and tips about this and other related topics!

Why Doesn’t AutoZone Change Spark Plugs?

If you wonder why AutoZone will not change your spark plugs, here are some reasons.

AutoZone Is a Commercial Business

AutoZone is a retailer of automotive parts and fluids, so this is the company’s area of specialization.

According to an AutoZoner, the staff would instead refer you to a local mechanic or other auto shops that provide this service to avoid hurting their commercial business.

However, while this is the rule, you might find an employee who’ll change them for you if they have the time.

It’s Time Consuming

AutoZone staff will give you tips or a manual to change the spark plugs to avoid spending time doing it.

As a retailer, AutoZone has a lot of customers with different needs; therefore, the company prefers to show you how to do it yourself.

Instead of waiting for the service at the auto store, it’s much easier to do it from the comfort of your home.

How Does AutoZone Help You Change Spark Plugs?

Although AutoZone doesn’t change spark plugs, the staff members assists their customers in the following ways:

Online Tips

If you are unsure about how spark plugs work, the different types of spark plugs, or how to change them, the AutoZone website has information and details that you can use.

These posts come in handy for car owners that want to change the spark plugs at home. In addition, you can use this information to supplement your owner’s manual.

Customer Advice

For customers without an owner’s manual, the staff at the AutoZone store can also guide you on how to change the spark plugs.

You can drive to the nearest store and consult the employees to avoid making mistakes and damaging your vehicle further.


AutoZone has spark plugs for every vehicle model in stock; therefore, you can purchase some for your car and have them installed elsewhere.

On average, the plugs cost from about $8 to $20, depending on the type you need.

Can You Replace Spark Plugs Yourself?

Although they appear complicated, you can easily change spark plugs by yourself.

They are not high maintenance, but are crucial to your vehicle, so you should monitor them closely.

Once you buy the parts from AutoZone, you can use the tips provided to change the plugs and get your engine working again.

However, if you are unsure about the process, it’s advisable to visit a mechanic for professional service.

How Often Should You Change Your Spark Plugs?

How Often Should You Change Your Spark Plugs? AutoZone

According to AutoZone, you should change your spark plugs every 30,000 to 50,000 miles to keep your engine running well.

After this mileage, your spark plugs have become damaged by chemicals during combustion, high voltage current, and carbon and oil buildup.

Failure to change your plugs will prevent your engine from starting during ignition.

How Long Does It Take to Change Spark Plugs?

Changing spark plugs could take an hour on average at the mechanics.

However, this varies depending on the place you visit. You can save on money and time by doing the change yourself.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Spark Plugs Changed?

On average, spark plugs are affordable and will cost you less than $20 apiece at AutoZone.

Therefore, if you need to replace several at once, the average cost will be $16 to $100.

Once you include labor costs, the replacement charges will be approximately $40 to $150, depending on your mechanic.

Which Other Stores Can You Get Your Spark Plugs Changed?

Once you buy spark plugs from AutoZone, you can get them changed at these stores:


Walmart Auto Centers will change your spark plugs at about $30-$98, depending on the metal used, the manufacturer, size, and vehicle model.

Walmart staff will take one hour to do the replacement; however, you should plan for about 4 hours depending on the number of customers.

Mr. Tire

You can also take your vehicle to Mr. Tire for a spark plugs change. Mr. Tire offers a vehicle tune-up service package that includes changing spark plugs and checking plug wires.

However, note that the costs might vary from car to car and the services you choose.

Additionally, customers can book a tune-up appointment at the shop or online.

What Are the Signs of a Bad Spark Plug?

You’ll know it’s time to change your spark plugs by looking out for the following signs:

Check Engine Light Comes On

Worn-out spark plugs can cause the check engine light to come on to warn you of a problem that needs to be addressed.

Keep in mind that the check engine light might be due to several reasons. Therefore, you should go to the mechanic to confirm the actual issue.

Decreased Fuel Mileage

If your spark plugs are damaged, they’ll affect your gas mileage and increase your vehicle’s consumption.

Deteriorating spark plugs account for a 30% loss in fuel economy; therefore, you should have them checked as soon as possible for the sake of your wallet.

Your Car Has Trouble Starting

Spark plugs play a major role in providing sparks to power your engine. Therefore, if you have old and damaged ones, you’ll have difficulty creating that spark.

If you notice that your car has trouble starting, especially in the early mornings, you need to change the spark plugs.


When your engine misfires, you’ll feel the vibration in the car, so replacing the spark plugs might solve this issue.

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AutoZone sells high-quality spark plugs, but will not change them for you. However, AutoZone employees will direct you to an auto store or local mechanic that provides this service.

In addition, you can get tips from the AutoZone website or employees to help you replace the spark plugs yourself. If you have the right technique, you can save on money and time and replace the plugs from AutoZone at home.

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