Does AutoZone Test Alternators? (Cost, Signs Alternator Needs Testing + More)

Every car needs a well-functioning alternator, which plays a critical role in how the vehicle runs. While most modern alternators are built to last a long time, they might require replacement and repairs at some point.

So, does AutoZone test alternators for car owners? If you’d like to find out, keep reading to see what I discovered!

Does AutoZone Test Alternators In [currentyear]?

Every AutoZone store will test your alternator at no fee. As soon as you notice a problem, you can drive to the nearest AutoZone, and the staff will check your alternator while it’s still in the car. AutoZone technicians will test your vehicle in the parking lot to measure the voltage and determine if it needs to be replaced.

To learn more about how AutoZone tests alternators, and how technicians will identify a bad one, keep reading for more facts!

Will AutoZone Charge You to Test Your Alternator?

AutoZone offers some free parts testing, which includes alternator testing at no charge.

Therefore, if you identify signs of a failing alternator, you can seek these services from the nearest auto shop.

However, you have to pay for a new alternator if you need a replacement. On average, alternators at AutoZone cost from $100 to $400.

These prices vary depending on the type of alternator, your car model, and make. therefore, ensure that you budget for the purchase.

You can also buy other parts that help your alternator work at AutoZone, including alternator pulleys, diodes, and brushes.

Is AutoZone Alternator Test Accurate?

AutoZone is highly professional and has the right equipment to test your alternator. Therefore, you can be sure that the results are accurate.

As an auto shop, AutoZone also specializes in selling parts for different car models, so you can be sure that the services are top-notch.

Your alternator is one of the essential parts of your vehicle, so it’s advisable to have it tested and replaced by professionals.

Does AutoZone Replace Alternators?

After the testing process, AutoZone will not replace your alternator for you. AutoZone doesn’t handle major repairs.

Rather, this company only provides replacement services for minor things such as wipers.

However, the AutoZone staff can provide you with tips to guide you on how to remove the alternator and replace it.

Additionally, the company also has a step-by-step guide on its website that you can use to replace a bad alternator.

When replacing the alternator, the steps might vary depending on your car’s make, model, and engine.

To avoid damaging your vehicle, always consult the owner’s manual to get the location of the alternator and tensioner.

If you’re unsure, you can also visit a professionally qualified mechanic to do the replacement.

What Are the Signs That Your Alternator Needs Testing?

What Are the Signs That Your Alternator Needs Testing? AutoZone

To know whether your battery needs testing, you can look out for these symptoms.

Warning Lights

As a car owner, you shouldn’t ignore warning lights on your dashboard.

When the alternator has a problem, you may see a light shaped like a battery indicating that your battery is not fully charged due to a bad alternator.

On some vehicles, the alternator problem will display as “ALT.” When this happens, you shouldn’t ignore any of the signs for the safety of your car.

Issues With Different Accessories

When the voltage in your car decreases, several accessories will be affected. This happens because the alternator’s function is to convert the mechanical energy from the engine to electrical power that enables the vehicle’s components to function.

If you have a bad alternator, you might notice that your radio and windshield wipers have stopped working.

Your Lights Keep Dimming

Once your alternator starts failing, your vehicle’s lights will be affected significantly.

You’ll notice that the brightness of your interior lights goes down because the alternator is connected to all the car’s electrical components.

If the lights are slightly dim, this means the issues are just starting; therefore, you should take your car to AutoZone for testing.

A failing alternator will also cause your headlights to become dimmer, especially when driving at night.

Abnormal Noises

When a vehicle has a problem, it’s common to hear different noises. For instance, if the alternator is the problem, you could hear a whining or growling noise.

However, you have to take your vehicle to AutoZone for testing to be sure that the alternator is the problem.

Flickering Lights

On top of dim lights, your vehicle might also experience randomly flickering lights if the alternator has a problem.

If the lights keep flickering out, it means the electrical system is weak because the alternator is not producing enough power.

Your Battery Dies

When the alternator stops working, your battery will start supplying more power to keep the vehicle running.

However, the battery is not sustainable for long-term use and will eventually die.

Once this happens, you can take your vehicle for testing at AutoZone to confirm whether the alternator is the problem.

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Fortunately, every AutoZone store in the USA will test your alternator at no charge. Once you notice a problem with the vehicle, you can drive to the nearest AutoZone, and the staff will check your alternator while it’s still in the car.

AutoZone technicians will test the vehicle in the parking lot to measure the voltage and determine if it needs to be replaced. Once you notice signs such as dimming and flickering lights, abnormal noises, etc take your vehicle in to test the alternator.

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