Does AutoZone Change Tires? (All You Need To Know)

A flat tire or a slow leak can be inconvenient for car owners, especially if you need to travel for a long trip.

As soon as your tires start losing pressure and performing poorly, you need to fill them up or change them. But will AutoZone change the tires for you? Here’s all you need to know!

Does AutoZone Change Tires In 2024?

Unfortunately, AutoZone does not change tires for its customers in 2024. If you have tire failure, AutoZone will provide you with a quick fix solution by offering products such as tire repair kits, tire patches, and rubber cement. While these are temporary, they can fix a leak or hole in your tire to keep you on the road.

Read on for more information about whether AutoZone changes tires, and where you can get this service performed!

Why Doesn’t AutoZone Change Tires?

If you are wondering why AutoZone will not change your tires, here are some reasons:

It’s Time Consuming

AutoZone staff will help you get back on the road when you have a tire problem by recommending the products you can use to fix the issue.

AutoZone is a retailer that deals with many customers with different needs; therefore, the company prefers to guide you instead of taking a lot of time changing the tires.

AutoZone Is a Commercial Business

As a retailer of automotive parts and accessories, AutoZone needs to focus on product sales and services.

Therefore, the company will sell you the products, and you can have the tire changed at a different auto shop or your local mechanic.

How Does AutoZone Help You Change Tires?

Now that AutoZone can’t provide this service, the company does assist its customers in the following ways:

Repair Kits

Whether you need a tire repair kit, rubber cement, or a tire patch, you can get some from AutoZone.

Tire repair kits cost between $5 and $100, while tire patches go for $3 to $35. On the other hand, rubber cement sells at $9 to $26.

Therefore, you can buy the ideal repair solution if you have a tire problem.

Online Tips

If you are a new car owner or unsure about when you should replace tires, AutoZone provides online tips on the website that customers can use.

These tips come in handy if you need information about maintaining and replacing your tires.

Can You Change the Tires Yourself?

Can You Change the Tires Yourself? AutoZone

Changing tires doesn’t have to be done at the garage or auto store like AutoZone. This is a skill you need to learn as a car owner.

A survey shows that 81% of Americans have had a flat tire, but only 74% know how to change a flat tire.

If you learn the skill, you can change your tires quite easily and faster to avoid inconveniences on the road.

In addition, if you have a slow leak when driving, you can purchase the temporary repair kit from AutoZone.

You can also use the online tips to seal the leak and get back on the road and change the tire when you get home.

How Often Should You Change Your Tires?

There’s no specific period for changing your tires because different brands and tire types have separate mileage ratings.

Ideally, tires have a mileage of 30,000 to 70,000, depending on the brand. Therefore, you should maintain your tires within this range.

Once your tires get close to the mileage rating, it’s time to shop for new ones.

How Much Does It Cost to Change Tires?

Tire prices vary widely; therefore, you might not spend the same amount in different stores. For instance, if you are changing four tires, you might pay $400 to $1,000.

Keep in mind this cost could go higher because you need extra services such as tire rotation, alignment, and tire accessories.

In addition, the installation labor costs differ depending on where you get the installation done.

Where Can You Get Your Tires Changed?

If you need to change your tires, here are the other stores you can go to:

Jiffy Lube

Jiffy Lube has tire services which include installation, balancing, alignment, rotation, replacement, and repair.

Therefore, if you have a tire issue on the road, you can go to the nearest Jiffy Lube to get a replacement.

Pep Boys

Pep Boys also offer tire alignment, flat tire repair, balancing, and rotation services. If you need a tire change, you can get the service at your nearest Pep Boys store.

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AutoZone doesn’t change tires for its customers. If you have tire failure, AutoZone will provide you with a quick fix solution by providing products such as tire repair kits, tire patches, and rubber cement.

While these are temporary solutions, these products help will help you fix a leak or hole in your tire to keep you on the road. You can buy these products and use tire-changing tips on the AutoZone website to fix your tire issues.

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