Does AutoZone Check Codes? (All You Need to Know)

When your car has an issue or the check engine light is on, a code will pop up, and you need to check and read these codes to determine the real problem.

However, once your check engine light comes on, can you take it to AutoZone for a reading? Can a staff member diagnose the issue? Here’s all you need to know!

Does AutoZone Check Codes In [currentyear]?

Fortunately, AutoZone checks codes if your check engine light is on in [currentyear]. You can drive to the nearest AutoZone store, and the staff will scan the car to identify the real problem. In addition, they run a Fix Finder service that provides a report from the codes to help the staff to come up with a solution.

For more tips and information about AutoZone checking codes and what the service entails, keep on reading!

Will AutoZone Check Your Codes for Free?

AutoZone will not charge you to read the codes if your check engine light is on and you have a code showing.

As part of the Fix Finder service, AutoZone will plug in the scanning tool to your vehicle to read the information. Once the reader gets plugged in, this test takes less than a minute to complete.

AutoZone will present an easy-to-understand report that translates what the codes mean when the process is complete.

How Does AutoZone Check the Codes?

AutoZone uses an on-board diagnostic (OBD II) code reader to check the issues on your vehicle.

Every vehicle has an onboard diagnostic system that monitors the car’s computer system and generates reports and trouble codes when there’s an issue.

Therefore, this OBD II code reader can read trouble codes in the system when something goes wrong.

Ideally, one code is logged on when the check engine light is illuminated, which helps mechanics and drivers in diagnosing any issues.

There are different types of diagnostic trouble codes that AutoZone can check.

Your OBD alerts you when you have problems with your airbags, engine, and other components.

Errors detected might vary depending on the vehicle. These codes are not specific to a certain vehicle model.

In addition, the steps taken to remedy the situation will depend on the type of car you drive.

When you go to AutoZone, an employee will install the code readers on the ODB port, usually located near or below the steering wheel column.

However, it’s located under the glove box or near the center of the dash in some cases.

If you are not sure where yours is located, you can confirm with the owners’ manual in your vehicle.

How Long Does It Take to Check Codes at AutoZone?

How Long Does It Take to Check Codes at AutoZone?

If you go to an AutoZone store, the entire process takes less than a minute; therefore, it will be quite fast.

Within this time, the reader will read information from your maintenance lights, ABS, and check engine light.

Does AutoZone Let You Use the Code Reader?

When your check engine light is on, and you need to read the codes, AutoZone will let you borrow an OBD reader.

AutoZone allows for Fix Finder self-service and offers tips to guide customers on how to read codes at home.

You can also get your own code reader from AutoZone and follow the steps on the company website to make the diagnosis.

Once you get the reading, write down information about your car, such as vehicle model, mileage, year of manufacture, and make.

When you are done, you can take the tool back to AutoZone with your vehicle’s information, and AutoZone staff will get you the vehicle’s report and explain the recommended solutions.

Do All AutoZone Stores Check Codes?

According to the AutoZone website, all the stores, which are in more than 5,700 locations in the U.S., offer the Free Finder service.

Therefore, if you need your codes checked, you can use the store locator on the website to find an AutoZone store near you.

Are AutoZone Code Readers Accurate?

Generally, AutoZone’s code readers are reliable because they give you a reading based on the problem.

However, some customers say their code readers are just generic scan tools and not the expensive dealer-like; therefore, they might not detect complex issues.

Your car gets trouble codes due to failed oxygen sensors, damaged spark plugs, malfunctioning catalytic converter, missing or damaged gas cap, or other reasons.

To know more, you can also read our posts on whether or not AutoZone changes spark plugs, if AutoZone replaces headlights, and can AutoZone test a starter.


Fortunately, AutoZone checks codes if your check engine light is on. You can drive to the nearest AutoZone store, and the staff will scan the car to identify the real problem.

In addition, AutoZone has a Fix Finder service that reads code and provides a report from the codes to diagnose the real issue.

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