Does AutoZone Do Free Battery Testing? (All You Need to Know)

If your car battery has issues or can’t start the car, you need to test it to determine whether it has enough voltage to power your vehicle. When you need to do battery is not working, you could end up stranded on the road.

So, if this happens, will AutoZone test it for you for free? Here’s all you need to know!

Does AutoZone Offer Free Battery Testing In 2024?

Fortunately, AutoZone will do free battery testing in 2024. Every AutoZone store offers battery tests that are fast and accurate; therefore, you can drive to your nearest outlet. After testing, AutoZone also charges the batteries for free and has new ones in stock if you need a replacement for your vehicle.

For more information about AutoZone’s free battery testing, keep on reading for more useful facts and tips!

Does AutoZone Charge for Battery Testing?

Battery testing is one of the services offered by AutoZone; therefore, if your battery has a problem, the store will not charge you anything.

You can drive to the nearest AutoZone or remove the battery from the vehicle and take it for testing.

How Long Will It Take to Test the Battery at AutoZone?

Battery testing takes a few minutes, and the AutoZone staff can easily do this while the battery is still in the vehicle.

If the battery needs a charge, the AutoZone Duralast charger used takes 30 minutes to power up the battery, and you can get back on the road.

Do All AutoZone Stores Offer Free Battery Testing?

If you need battery testing services, you can drive to any of the 6,000 AutoZone stores to get it done, and all the staff can handle this task.

However, if you need additional services like battery installation, you might have to go to another auto retailer or your local mechanic if the process is too complicated.

How Do Employees Test a Battery at AutoZone?

According to a former AutoZone employee, you can either drive the car to the store or take the battery to the store for a staff member to test your battery.

When you take your car to AutoZone, the store has a handheld tester that checks the voltage in the battery. If the battery is okay, the staff will test the alternator to check the current flow.

From the results, AutoZone can determine whether you need the battery charged or whether it’s dead and you need a replacement.

What Are the Signs That You Need Your Battery Tested?

To determine whether you need your battery tested, here are some of the signs to look out for:

Swollen Battery

If you notice that your battery is swollen more than its usual size, you need to get it tested.

A battery will swell when the alternator has a faulty voltage regulator, or your battery is overcharged.

When your battery has a hydrogen gas build-up that’s more than it can dissipate, it overcharges.

You should test your battery when this happens; otherwise, if the damage worsens, it can’t be reversed, but you’ll have to buy a replacement.

Sudden Slower Start

Ideally, when the temperature drops below 20 degrees, your car battery will have a problem starting.

However, if you notice that the battery has suddenly slowed down, and is not starting under normal temperatures, it’s time to test it.

If the slow battery tests okay and has no problem charging, the AutoZone staff will check whether there is a parasitic drain or discharge.

Your Accessories Work But the Car Doesn’t Start

If your headlights, radio, and other vehicle accessories but the car doesn’t start, it’s time to test the battery.

Normally, your battery should power the car and supply enough power for the lights and accessories.

When this fails, your battery charge might be low; therefore, you should take it to AutoZone for testing.

The Radio Doesn’t Work

When your car ignition is on, the battery powers your radio, headlights, wipers, and other electronic devices.

Therefore, if these don’t work when you start your vehicle, you need to take your battery for testing.

Battery Smell

Ideally, your battery should not have any smell. However, if you detect any odd smells, your battery could be damaged and release acid that can harm other parts of the engine.

This is a sign you should have it tested and even replaced.

Check Engine Light Is On

When your battery has a problem, you might notice that the check engine light is on.

When this happens, you should take the battery to AutoZone for testing to confirm whether your battery is operating correctly.

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Every AutoZone store offers battery tests that are fast and accurate; therefore, you can drive to your nearest outlet.

After testing, AutoZone also charges the batteries for free and has new ones in stock if you need a replacement for your vehicle. To avoid extensive damage, be on the lookout for signs that show that the battery needs testing.

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