Does AutoZone Install Batteries? (Your Full Guide)

Many drivers don’t have the technical know-how or tools to install a car battery on their own, meaning they need to take the vehicle to a professional.

Currently, AutoZone is one of the well-renowned companies in the world of vehicle batteries. But does AutoZone install batteries? If you’d like to find out, keep reading!

Does AutoZone Install Batteries In 2024?

AutoZone offers battery installation if you purchase the battery from the company in 2024. However, this only happens under certain circumstances. AutoZone will only install your battery if it’s easy to change without having to remove other components. Additionally, they will refer you elsewhere if the installation is complicated and requires removing additional parts.

For more information about whether AutoZone installs batteries for free, how it works, what types of batteries the company installs, and more, keep on reading!

Does AutoZone Install Batteries for Free?

AutoZone has a free battery installation service for its customers, but only if you buy from them. This installation service takes 15 minutes or less.

However, the company will not install your battery for free if you bought it from another retailer such as Walmart.

In addition, this installation service comes at no cost if the battery is located at an easily accessible location.

Some automakers place the batteries in an easy spot, making it easier to replace it without removing any parts of the engine.

However, if the battery is in an unusual position, such as beneath the seat or inside the wheel well that requires the removal of other components, AutoZone will not install it for you.

Therefore, when you visit AutoZone for a new battery, you need to ask them in advance to check whether they can install the battery for you.

While the installation is free, a car battery at AutoZone costs about $50 to $120, depending on the car model, year of manufacture, and type of battery.

AutoZone has a catalog of batteries to choose from; therefore, you can select a cheaper one if your budget is tight.

If you’re not sure about the best option, the experts at AutoZone can provide you with a quote on all the battery prices and advise you on the available options that meet your budget and needs.

However, if you’re looking for a premium battery with a more extended warranty, the average cost is about $90 to $200.

How Does AutoZone Battery Installation Work?

Before the AutoZone employees install a new battery, they do a free testing first to confirm whether it just needs charge.

If your battery has lost charge, the company will charge it for you at no cost while you wait. Therefore, it’s essential to have them test this before spending money on a new battery.

However, if the battery needs replacement, AutoZone technicians will install a new one if it’s on an accessible spot.

What Types of Batteries Does AutoZone Install?

What Types of Batteries Does AutoZone Install?

Before replacing your car battery, you need to know the different types of batteries available in the market. Battery types affect your car performance; therefore, it’s vital to get the correct one.

AutoZone has all the different types of batteries in its product catalog. When getting one for your car, you can narrow down your options by looking at the owner’s manual or technical handbook that indicates the correct battery.

AutoZone installs valve-regulated, gel cell, dry cell, and deep cycle batteries. The brands vary from Duralast, Duralast Gold, Econocraft, Odyssey, Optima, and Valucraft.

According to the company itself, AutoZone recommends Duralast Gold or Platinum for extra power and premium performance in high energy consumption vehicles.

Odyssey performance batteries and Optima come in handy for extreme or specialty performance. On the other hand, Valucraft and Econocraft are cheaper for car owners looking to spend less.

Additionally, AutoZone doesn’t only have batteries for vehicles, but has specific ones designed for motorcycles and powersport, marine, lawn and garden work, and RVs.

When shopping for a battery, you can choose from these options depending on your car model and type to get one that meets your needs.

Do All AutoZone Stores Install Batteries?

Car owners need to know the battery install policy before going to a store. In the case of AutoZone, each store has its own policy; some might install the battery while others may not, depending on the skill level and limit.

Each store has different types of technicians; therefore, if your battery location is too complicated, AutoZone staff are more likely to refer you to another location for the installation service.

However, AutoZone offers other free services in every store location such as free testing, free charging, and free recycling.

Therefore, if you have a more complicated issue with your battery, the technicians might only test and advise.

Does AutoZone Install Batteries at Home?

As more people switch to online shopping, AutoZone car owners might be looking for home installation services.

While the company might not necessarily install your battery from home, they can send a delivery if you shop online.

Depending on the battery you buy, you can have it delivered either the same day or the next day.

However, these deliveries are valid in select markets and are also limited based on location or if you spend at least $35 on products.

On the other hand, you can shop online, pick up the battery from your local store, and have it installed by your own mechanic.

If you want to install the battery at home, AutoZone offers some DIY tips to car owners to help them remove an old battery and replace it with a new one.

However, if you’re not well-skilled, it’s advisable to have the device installed by a professional.

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AutoZone installs batteries for car owners, but only under certain conditions. If your battery is not complicated and is easily accessible, AutoZone technicians will remove it and replace it for free.

However, if the battery is under a seat or wheel well, the company will direct you to an alternative car service provider.

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