Does AutoZone Tint Windows? (Your Full Guide)

Car owners carry out different modifications after buying a vehicle, and one of them is adding tint to the windows.

If you plan to tint the windows on your car or replace the existing one, you might be asking, can you have it done at AutoZone? Here’s what I discovered!

Does AutoZone Tint Windows In [currentyear]?

AutoZone does not tint windows for its customers as of [currentyear]. However, the staff can advise you on the best tint options that you can buy for your car. In addition, AutoZone staff can give you some tips on installing the tint by yourself. AutoZone employees have plenty of tricks to help you if you’re a DIYer.

For more information about why AutoZone doesn’t tint windows, read on!

Why Doesn’t AutoZone Tint Windows?

If you wonder why AutoZone does not tint windows, here are some reasons.

It Can Be Time Consuming

To install tint, one has to be quite careful to ensure that it’s installed well and does not damage the windows underneath.

In addition, different installation techniques need proper handling, which can be a time-consuming process.

To avoid wasting time, AutoZone staff will give you pointers on how to install the tint yourself and advise you on the best options for your car.

Since AutoZone is a retailer, the store has a lot of customers with different needs; therefore, instead of waiting for the service, it’s advisable to do it by yourself.

AutoZone Is A Retail Business

AutoZone specializes in selling auto parts and accessories, including different types of tints.

Because of this, AutoZone would rather send you to a shop or mechanic specializing in these services.

How Does AutoZone Help You Tint Windows?

Although AutoZone will not tint windows for its customers, it provides other services and products that you can find helpful. Here are some of them.

Quality Tint

If you need tint, there are different types on the AutoZone website. With that, you can browse through the options available and choose the best for your car.

What’s more, the tints are pretty affordable, and most range from $10 to $20, depending on how dark you want the shade to be.

In addition to the affordable price, the tint at AutoZone comes with extra offers such as free delivery discounts.

Customer Advice

AutoZone employees know all the tricks and tips needed to install tints on different cars.

When you go shopping, the AutoZone staff can advise you on the best tint and how to install it for the best results.

Can You Tint Car Windows Yourself?

Can You Tint Car Windows Yourself?

Fortunately, you can install the tint by yourself. However, you’ll need to go for the application method you are most comfortable with.

If you are looking for an easy-to-remove tint, you can use the peel and cling method to avoid damaging your car windows. But, it might not be as reliable and strong as the other methods.

On the other hand, you can use the static cling method, which is more straightforward and comes in handy for car owners who are inexperienced in installing tints.

However, this process can get messy if you don’t have the right skill. When this happens, your window will have bubbles on the film.

That said, some customers who chose the DIY route encountered issues installing the tint at home.

So, if you are unsure about how to go about it, you can consult the AutoZone employees for direction or go to a qualified mechanic.

How Much Does It Cost To Tint Windows?

If you want to tint your car windows, you need to budget for $50-$1,000 depending on the type of car you have, the brand of tint, tint material, cost of removal, and labor costs.

Therefore, if you buy your tint from AutoZone at $10-$20, you’ll need to factor in the extra costs.

Also, tinting a passenger car is much cheaper than SUVs and minivans, and because trucks have fewer windows, they’re usually less costly.

If you go for a high-performance, metallic or ceramic film that’s high quality, you’ll have to pay more.

Where Can You Tint Windows Instead?

If you want to tint your windows, you can check with your local auto shop.

Additionally, most auto retailers such as Advance Auto and O’Reilly sell tint brands and provide tips to help with DIY.

Also, when you buy from these retailers, the staff can provide you with tips on installing the tint.

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AutoZone does not tint windows for its customers. However, the staff can advise you on the best tint options that you can buy for your car.

In addition, they can also give you some tips on how to install the tint by yourself.

If you want to buy tint, you can check the AutoZone website and budget for installation at your local mechanic.

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