Does Best Buy Refill Ink Cartridges? (Full Guide)

Gone are the days of buying expensive ink cartridge replacements or in some cases, buying a brand-new printer which can sometimes be cheaper!

Instead, customers are not wary that they can refill ink cartridges. Because of this, you might be wondering whether or not Best Buy refills ink cartridges. Here is what I discovered.

Does Best Buy Refill Ink Cartridges?

Best Buy refills empty ink cartridges, provided by Best Buy’s Geek Squad services. The Geek Squad personnel is trained to refill more than 300 different types of ink cartridges and diverse manufacturing brands. Refilling is only available in select locations and starts from $8.99.

If you want to know more about how you can refill your cartridge at Best Buy, the prices of refiling the ink cartridges, and whether you can sell Best Buy empty ink cartridges, keep on reading!

How Can You Refill Ink Cartridges At Best Buy?

If you need your ink cartridges refilled by Best Buy, you can opt to get the service in-store or request Geek Squad’s in-house services.

Once you pay for ink-refilling services at Best Buy, the Geek Squad will advise when the refill will be complete, including any pick-up information, if applicable.

Geek Squad will also provide information on how to care for your printer, refilled cartridges, and any other printer accessories.

How Much Is Ink Cartridge Refill At Best Buy?

Best Buy’s Geek Squad charges customers approximately $8.99-$14.99 for refilling ink cartridges.

The ink cartridge refill price at Best Buy depends on the type, brand, and size of the cartridge brought for refilling.

If you need a precise price for refilling your ink cartridge, you should contact your local Best Buy store or contact Geek Squad at 1-800-433-5778 for in-store and in-house queries and services.

Is It Cheaper To Fill Cartridges At Best Buy Or Buy New Ones?

Is It Cheaper To Fill Cartridges At Best Buy Or Buy New Ones?

From my research, it is significantly cheaper to fill ink cartridges at Best Buy than to buy new ones.

For example, refilling ink cartridges range from $8.99- $14.99 at Best Buy, while buying brand new ink cartridges can cost you as low as $19.99 for a Canon GI-290 Magenta Ink and as high as $103.99 for Brother Black Toner.

Through Best Buy’s Geek Squad, the store offers cartridge refill services for some of the leading printer brands, including Dell, Canon, Lexmark, HP, and Epson.

It is important to note that getting a professional to refill your ink cartridge can help you save money which can be used up if you damage your printer while refilling the ink.

If you are thinking of refilling your ink cartridge, you should consider contacting Best Buy’s Geek Squad to have it done professionally to avoid any permanent damages to the printer.

Does Best Buy Give You Money For Empty Ink Cartridges?

Unfortunately, Best Buy does not give you money for empty ink cartridges but provides a platform where customers can dispose of used-up products such as ink cartridges for recycling and receive rewards.

Instead, Best Buy’s recycling program offers customers convenient drop-off locations and a $2 coupon for every ink cartridge they take to Best Buy for a refill.

In addition to this, members of the My Best Buy loyalty program receive a 15% off ink purchase once they take a cartridge for recycling.

Also, it is essential to note that Best Buy limits recycling offers to 5 cartridges recycled per person, and only one coupon can be spent per $40 worth of newly bought toner or ink.

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Best Buy does refill ink cartridges for customers as part of the Geek Squad services. Best Buy’s Geek Squad offers the convenience of getting quality services at your convenient location.

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