Does Walgreens Refill Ink Cartridges? (Price, Types, Locations + More)

Getting your printer’s ink cartridge refilled instead of buying a new one can save not only your money but also the environment.

Since Walgreens has a specialized ‘photo lab’ in most of its 8000+ stores all over the country, you may be wondering: does Walgreens refill ink cartridges? Here is what I’ve found out through my research!

Does Walgreens Refill Ink Cartridges?

Some Walgreens locations do refill ink cartridges at locations that have a photo lab. Walgreens can refill inkjet cartridges for HP, Fuji, Canon, Samsung, Epson, Brother, and Lexmark printers. The cost of the service is $10 for black-ink cartridges and $25 for colored-ink cartridges and takes less than an hour.

If you want to know more about the method of getting your ink cartridges refilled, the cost of doing so, wait time, and alternatives to Walgreens, keep on reading!

How Can You Get Ink Cartridges Refilled By Walgreens?

To get your ink cartridge refilled at Walgreens (if your store provides this service), you should visit your local Walgreens store and head over to the ‘photo lab’ counter with your ink cartridge.

Once there, ask the employee to have your ink cartridge refilled, make the payment, and provide any personal information required for pick-up.

Once you have done that, the employee will let you know when you should expect to pick it up. Walgreens will then process and refill your ink cartridge and make it ready to be received at the specified time of pick-up.

What Types Of Ink Cartridges Does Walgreens Refill?

Walgreens fills cartridges for inkjet printers. It can refill both black-ink cartridges and colored-ink cartridges, so you need to specify which type your printer is while handing your cartridge over for refilling.

Additionally, Walgreens is able to fill ink cartridges for printer brands including Canon, Lexmark, HP, Brother, Epson, Fuji, Samsung, and more.

How Much Does It Cost To Refill Ink Cartridges At Walgreens?

You will be charged $10 for the refilling of a black-ink cartridge and $25 for the refilling of a colored-ink cartridge.

How Long Does It Take To Have Your Ink Cartridge Refilled At Walgreens?

How Long Does It Take To Have Your Ink Cartridge Refilled At Walgreens?

Walgreens mentions that your ink cartridge will be refilled within an hour of submission. Therefore, when you visit a Walgreens store, you can simply head over to the photo lab first and give the employee your ink cartridge for refilling.

After that, you can get your prescriptions filled (and refilled) and buy everything else you need. By the time you come back, it is likely that your cartridge will have been refilled.

Note that the standard ‘one hour’ waiting time is just a safe estimate. If there are no other refills in the queue, you might even get your cartridge back within 10 minutes.

However, if there is a long queue or the machine is temporarily unavailable, you will have to wait for longer than that.

How Can You Know If Your Local Walgreens Refills Ink Cartridges?

Even though Walgreens offers ink cartridge refill services in most of its stores, it is still possible that your local store either does not have a dedicated photo lab or the refilling machine is currently out of order.

Therefore, to avoid any inconveniences, you should first contact your local store and ask about the availability of the ink cartridge refilling service.

You can find the contact number and open hours of your nearby Walgreens store using the Walgreens store locator.

Where Else Can You Get Ink Cartridges Refilled?

If your local Walgreens does not have a photo lab or its ink cartridge refilling machine is out of order, you will not be able to get your ink cartridge refilled from Walgreens.

In this case, you can head over to the following alternatives to get it refilled:

  • Office Max
  • Costco
  • Staples

You could also buy a refill kit from Walgreens and try to refill your ink cartridge yourself by following these steps.

To learn more about what your local Walgreens can do, also see my guides on scanning photos, printing documents, getting a passport photo, and developing film at Walgreens.


Walgreens does indeed refill ink cartridges at its photo lab counters in most of its 8000+ stores.

You can have both black-ink and colored-ink cartridges refilled, paying $10 for the black-ink and $25 for the colored-ink cartridge. To get it refilled, head over to the photo lab counter and ask the employee to refill your cartridge.

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