Does Burger King Own Popeyes? (Not What You Think)

Burger King fast-food franchise patrons enjoy their made-to-order Whoppers, onion rings, and shakes. Even so, they often wonder if the corporation has acquired other fast food places they’d like to frequent.

For this reason, some have wondered if the rumors are true that Burger King now owns the popular Popeyes chicken restaurants. If you have asked this question yourself, read below to learn more!

Does Burger King Own Popeyes?

Burger King and Tim Horton’s parent company purchased Popeyes for 1.8 billion dollars. The merger occurred in 2017 after Restaurant Brands International, a Toronto-based corporation, acquired the Louisiana-style franchises with a $600 million deposit. The deal closed in April 2017, and they are currently expanding these franchises internationally.

So, what does this merger mean for Burger King, and does Burger King technically now own Popeyes Chicken and Biscuits? Read further to find out!

Did Burger King Buy Popeyes?

The actual Burger King corporation did not buy Popeyes because such an entity does not exist. 

Burger King, like Tim Horton’s, is owned by a Toronto-based company called Restaurant Brand International.

So, in all actuality, the corporation that owns the Tim Hortons and Burger King franchises bought Popeyes.

This makes the statement that Burger King bought Popeyes somewhat true but not wholly accurate, as Burger King is an extension of Restaurant Brands International.

Are Burger King and Popeyes Still Competitors?

Although both of these chains are owned by Restaurant Brand International, the two restaurants do battle it out.

Take, for instance, what is commonly known as the chicken sandwich wars.

In the past, Burger King and Popeyes claimed the bigger, better sandwich, and people responded in droves, increasing revenue for both fast-food chains. 

At the end of the day, Popeyes and Burger King still compete in the marketplace.

Will Restaurant Brands International’s Purchase of Popeye’s Affect Burger King?

As per usual, Burger King and Popeyes will continually update their menus as they try out new and improved items. In addition, their signature foods, namely the Whopper burger and Louisiana-style chicken, will remain the same.

In this regard, Burger King and Popeyes will be marketed to the masses by Restaurant Brand International, both domestically and abroad. This could mean changes that will be of great benefit to Burger King lovers everywhere.

How Will Burger King’s Customers Be Impacted by the Merger?

How Will Burger King’s Customers Be Impacted by the Merger?

Restaurant Brand International lays claim to Burger King and Popeyes brands; however, their Franchisees can buy numerous restaurants under RBI’s framework.  

Additionally, the largest Burger King franchisee in the US, Carroll’s Restaurant Group, bought 220 Burger Kings and Popeyes, promising quick-service units in Southeastern states. 

This means that consumers will have access to Popeyes and Burger King brands in the future, a win-win for all concerned.

Will Burger King and Popeyes Cross Over as a Franchise?

Just as Taco Bell and Pizza Hut merged their restaurants and drive-thrus, there are plans for Burger King and Popeyes to do the same.

In fact, Restaurant Brands International wants to join the restaurants in over 10,000 restaurants in North America in the coming years.

In addition, such drive-thrus enhance the consumer experience as customers can buy food from either franchise any time they want. In other words, you may be able to buy a Whopper alongside Creole-style rice in the future.

What Kind of Food Will Popeyes and Burger King Drive-Thrus Serve?

While Burger King largely remains unchanged, Popeyes is going to undergo some renovation.

Items that did not sell well may be removed; additionally, there could be a few price hikes and name changes.

Despite this, the best sellers on their menu may remain. This means the changes will likely be minor, so consumers won’t notice any significant differences at Popeyes or Burger King.

Did Burger King Experience a Problem With Branding After Popeye’s Merger?

There is always speculation on the market whether either business will suffer an image decline after a merger. Did Burger King and Popeyes have branding problems after RBI acquired them?

In many cases, market analysts claimed this would create challenges for the brand since they offered vastly different food items.

So far, this has not been an issue; in fact,  many consumers welcome the change.

Will Burger King Merge with Tim Hortons?

After the buy-out of Popeye’s by the corporation that owns Burger King, some wondered if a Tim Horton merger was imminent. While Tim Horton’s is largely a Canadian brand, there are a few franchises in American cities.

Indeed, this could mean Tim Hortons may merge with American-based Burger King franchises. If this is on the horizon, Burger King could see its profitability rise, which would mean greater marketplace longevity.

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