Where Does Burger King Get Their Beef? (Not What You Think)

People believe only vegans and vegetarians care about the health factor of their food; this is not the case. People who eat meat often want to ensure their food is of a quality grade too.

If you enjoy burger joints like Burger King, you may have a few questions about how they process their hamburger. Want to know more about where Burger King gets their meat? Read on!

Where Does Burger King Get Their Beef?

Burger King gets a majority of their beef from many different locations, including Australia and New Zealand. Additionally, Burger King also sources beef from the United States, however, there are been some supply issues in the past years. Previously, BK did get some beef from Brazil, but this has now been discontinued.

So, what’s the real deal when it comes to Burger King’s beef? If you would like an answer to that question, read below to learn more!

Does Burger King Get Its Beef from American Suppliers?

While Burger King still obtains meat from Australia and New Zealand, they also buy beef from American suppliers as well.

In the US, Burger King acquires their meats via an independent supply chain company called Restaurant Services, Inc (RSI).

Interestingly, some meats even come from American minority and women-owned farms to increase the diversity of their suppliers.

Additionally, Burger King used to get some of their beef from a Brazilian company named Marfrig, which partnered with a farm that used deforested land to graze cattle.

Does Burger King Get Beef from Farms Using Deforested Land?

There was some controversy regarding Marfrig, a Brazilian company that partners with farms using protected land for grazing their castle.

Likewise, US activists went after Burger King in the 80s for partnering with companies that destroyed the rainforests.

At any rate, boycotts against  Burger King’s association with the kinds of companies work. Today, Burger King is cautious about what farms and distribution centers they partner with to obtain their beef products.

Is Burger King Meat from Other Countries USDA Approved?

Burger King can only use meat approved by the USDA, no matter where it comes from. This fact should help consumers relax, as there was a scandal involving Burger King’s rumored use of horse meat in 2013.

In all actuality, nothing reaches an American plate without being thoroughly inspected by the USDA. Burger King’s meats are no exception, even when the beef is outsourced.

Why Does Burger King Outsource Its Beef?

Burger King is the second-largest buyer of beef in the US, trailing only McDonald’s in meat purchases.

The problem is that there is a shortage of lean beef in the United States, which makes outsourcing essential.

Additionally, many fast-food chains use foreign beef to supplement US shortages, including Taco Bell. Brazil is included on the list of beef suppliers, although its association with farms that use deforested lands is problematic.

Is Burger King Meat Fresh or Frozen?

Is Burger King Meat Fresh or Frozen?

Burger King often states that they use 100 percent beef in their burgers.  Additionally, they state that their meats contain no artificial fillers or are addictive.

However, Burger King does flash-freeze their products, as does McDonald’s. Comparatively, Wendy’s orders fresh, never-frozen American beef that costs a bit more than frozen supply.

Which Fast Food Chain offers the highest quality Beef Products?

Although Wendy’s claims to have never frozen beef source in the US of A, Chipotle won the day as they scored an A.

Burger King, alongside Sonic, Applebees, Olive Garden, and Starbucks, received F’s for the decision not to participate in testing.

Interestingly, McDonald’s itself received a C in this regard. Bear this in mind the next time you order your favorite burger at your fast food joint of choice.

Does Burger King Use Artificial Fillers in Their Meat?

Burger King banned 120 ingredients from their menu, including those in their burger patty, to make their food. While this is a great start, this fact doesn’t necessarily mean the burgers are healthier.

Also, there are still many calories, carbs, sugars, and fats in many of the meals. Of course, you can order some of the lighter fares like salads or fruit if you are particularly diet or nutrition-conscious.

Is Burger King Meat Real or Imitation?

Outside the Impossible Whopper, a plant-based, faux meat product, Burger King claims that their regular burgers are made with 100 % Beef. 

As stated previously, there were rumors that Burger King burgers contained horse meat. Snopes indicates that the claim is false. Additionally, Burger King never officially admitted or stated that their beef contains any form of horse meat.

Is Burger King Marketing Imitation Beef in Australia and New Zealand?

In 2020, Burger King tried to appeal to flexitarians, people who consume plant-based foods but eat meat on occasion.

They stress their imitation meat burger is not suitable for vegans or vegetarians because it is cooked on the same grill as natural beef.

In addition, the promotion of what was deemed the Impossible Whopper did not end in Australia or New Zealand.  Currently, the burger is offered internationally, including in the UK and US.

Where Does the Impossible Whopper Come From?

The Impossible Burger is made by Impossible Foods, which, among other products, creates plant-based chicken, sausage, and pork. The company claims that its products are not only vegan and vegetarian-friendly but sustainable.

To be sure, once Impossible Foods paired its products with Burger King, many had high hopes for the merger. 

Unfortunately, vegans and vegetarians were disappointed that impossible meats are cooked on the same grill as beef and chicken products.

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