Does Chewy Accept Coupons? (All You Need To Know)

With competition being fierce among national retailers, companies need to employ different tactics to stand out and draw customers in.

Coupons are a popular method of providing savings to customers. But if you shop at Chewy, you might be asking, does Chewy accept coupons? Here’s everything I discovered about the matter!

Does Chewy Accept Coupons In 2024?

Chewy accepts coupons but only in limited situations because it has opted to focus on other ways to save money, including Autoship, daily deals, and free shipping as of 2024. Since Chewy is entirely online, its coupons are used like promo codes. Chewy also accepts manufacturer coupons, but not if they’re expired, scanned, copied, or rebated.

Keep reading to learn all you need to know about using coupons at Chewy, including how to use them, which ones you can’t use, and more!

Does Chewy Accept Manufacturer Coupons?

Chewy accepts manufacturer coupons that you can use when shopping on its website. To use manufacturer coupons on Chewy, you will need to mail them to the following address:

Attn: Chewy Coupons

3251 Hollywood Blvd., Ste. 401

Hollywood, FL 33021

Also, you can only use a manufacturer coupon on Chewy if it’s the original, and the company will reject it if it’s a copy or already scanned.

It also has to be valid, meaning you can’t use the manufacturer coupon when shopping on Chewy if it’s expired.

To ensure these requirements are met, you can’t use the coupon unless you mail the physical one in; emailed coupons will be rejected.

Moreover, when mailing the manufacturer coupon out to Chewy, you will need to provide your account details, including your email address and order number, for the team to process and apply it for you.

Does Chewy Accept Competitor Coupons?

Does Chewy Accept Competitor Coupons?

Unfortunately, Chewy does not accept competitor coupons.

In fact, one of the instances where Chewy won’t take manufacturer coupons, aside from when it’s not the original, is when it’s from a competitor.

That said, Chewy does not accept competitor coupons because it has opted to provide other avenues for savings, including the following:

  • Autoship: This is a service where you can set up automatic deliveries at regular intervals for supplies you frequently need, such as pet food and medicine. With Chewy Autoship, you get 35% off the first order and 5% off all the following shipments.
  • Free shipping: You can get free shipping on any item you buy at Chewy, including medical supplies, if the order adds up to $49 or more.
  • Daily deals: Chewy has a dedicated section on its website where the company posts different deals every day that you can browse by category. Some of the values include buy-three-get-one-free and a section where everything is below $10.

How Do I Add A Coupon To My Chewy Order?

You can add Chewy coupons to your order like you would add a promo code when you’re checking out.

Chewy coupons are limited, but they’re available on the website, and they come in a form similar to promo codes that you can apply at checkout in the same way.

Further, adding a manufacturer coupon to your Chewy order would require you to mail the original one and your account details (email address and order number).

Can You Stack Coupons On Chewy?

Unfortunately, Chewy does not allow you to stack coupons. In the past, Chewy allowed customers to stack coupons.

However, it currently does not appear as the company allows for coupon stacking anymore.

How Long Do Chewy Coupons Last?

Chewy coupons last a few weeks before they expire and become unusable.

Also, some coupons will state that they’re valid for a limited time, while others will say the exact date when they expire.

To find out when a Chewy coupon expires, visit the daily deals section, find a coupon you want to use, and expand the “Terms” section right below it.

Can I Use PetSmart Coupons On Chewy?

You can’t use PetSmart coupons on Chewy because the company does not accept competitor coupons, valid or otherwise.

To know more, you can also read our posts on Chewy student discount, Chewy vs PetSmart, and why is Chewy so cheap.


Chewy accepts coupons but only in limited situations because it’s opted to provide savings elsewhere, i.e., through Autoship, free shipping, and daily deals.

Additionally, Chewy accepts manufacturer coupons that you can apply by mailing them to the company along with your account and order details.

Moreover, Chewy does not accept competitor coupons, whether or not they’re still valid.

Finally, you can’t stack coupons on Chewy, and most coupons from Chewy expire after a couple of weeks at the most.

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