Does Chewy Ship to Canada? (All You Need to Know)

Chewy has emerged as one of the biggest pet-focused retailers in North America, growing incredibly fast and surpassing many of its competitors.

While Chewy is based in the US, you might be interested in buying products in Canada. So, you may wonder- does Chewy ship to Canada? If you’d like to find out, keep reading!

Does Chewy Ship to Canada In [currentyear]?

Chewy doesn’t ship to Canada in [currentyear]. In fact, Chewy does not ship outside the contiguous United States, meaning it doesn’t even deliver to areas like Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Chewy likely doesn’t deliver to Canada because the country has not yet been determined to be a large enough market to justify the hassle that comes with cross-border shipping.

To learn everything you need to know about why Chewy doesn’t ship to Canada, including possible reasons why, alternatives, and more, read on for more facts!

Why Doesn’t Chewy Ship to Canada?

Chewy, like many US businesses that operate completely online, likely doesn’t ship to Canada because of the logistical hassle that would come with sorting out customs issues.

Because Chewy doesn’t have any warehouses in Canada, it would have to ship items across the border, and this would be a lot more work than delivering them only within the country.

Chewy also has measures in place to ensure shipping isn’t too expensive for the customers, with a flat rate of $4.95 on all orders unless they’re over $49, at which point shipping is free.

If Chewy were to start shipping to Canada, the company would not be able to maintain this aspect of its business.

Something else that would impact the customers if there were cross-border deliveries is that making returns would be a lot harder.

As it is now, you can return an item in the mail like a regular package, but sending something back to another country would need you to do more work.

Chewy might have assessed the potential market in Canada and determined that it either was too small or not large enough to justify the expansion of this policy just yet.

That said, we can’t completely rule out the possibility that Chewy might one day ship to Canada.

In fact, there’s a recent tweet from the official Chewy account that said the company was hopeful about shipping to Canada soon.

How to Get Chewy Orders Shipped to Canada

How to Get Chewy Orders Shipped to Canada

You can get your Chewy orders shipped to Canada using reshipping companies.

Reshipping is a service where you can order items and have them delivered to one address before a third party forwards them to your own address.

In this case, you would sign up with a reshipping company that’s based in the US before going to shop on Chewy as usual. At checkout, you would provide the address of the reshipper.

When the item is delivered to this address, the company will then forward it to your address for a fee, taking care of aspects like customs on your behalf.

You should be aware of reshipping scams and find one that’s reputable because a lot of them are involved in fraud.

Look for something with real and verifiable customer reviews, as well as a good rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

If you’re worried about working with reshippers, you can save some time if you can travel into the US and have the items delivered to you while you’re there.

If you go back to Canada after 24 hours or more, you can bring in items that are worth up to CAN$200 without paying taxes and duty.

If you cross the border back to Canada after 48 hours or more, you can bring back items worth up to CAN$800 without paying taxes and duty.

Which Pet Stores Ship to Canada?

If the workarounds we’ve mentioned so far are too much for you, you could always look to Chewy’s competitors that ship to Canada.

In this case, you can consider PetSmart, which has significant ties to Chewy, so it’s where you’re most likely to find similar products.

PetSmart also has a dedicated Canadian segment, with physical stores in the country and a full website at that gives you direct access with less hassle.

Luckily, Canada has a lot of other pet stores that are either also in the US or just operate very efficiently within the country on their own. These include Petland, Pet Valu, and PetOnly.

Petland has stores in the US, Canada, El Salvador, South Africa, China, Mexico, and Brazil on top of dedicated websites for these regions.

Pet Valu operates exclusively in Canada, with more than 600 franchised and corporate-owned stores, as well as a website.

PetOnly is a fully online Canadian pet-focused store that is very similar to Chewy.

You can also look to major retailers that also carry pet products and rival the company. These Chewy alternatives in Canada include Walmart and Wayfair.

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Chewy does not deliver to Canada. Its delivery network is limited only to the contiguous United States, meaning you couldn’t even get delivery to places like Hawaii and Alaska. One reason for this might be the hassle of dealing with customs when shipping.

You can get Chewy deliveries from Canada using a reputable reshipping service. Chewy alternatives in Canada include PetSmart, Pet Valu, Petland, PetOnly, Walmart, and Wayfair, all of which have online shopping platforms.

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