Does Costco Balance Tires? [Price, Location, Vehicle Types + More!] 

Costco offers a wide range of services to help make the daily lives of their customers all the more convenient.

This includes all sorts of services to maintain vehicles. So you might be wondering if Costco offers a tire balancing service. Here is what I have managed to find out!

Does Costco Balance Tires? 

Yes, Costco does offer a tire balancing service, alongside tire rotation and nitrogen inflation, at around $21.99 for the entire vehicle. To access this service, you must be a Costco member and book an appointment for your car.

To find out more about pricing, locations, wait time, and more, keep on reading!

How Do I Have My Tires Balanced At Costco?

In order to have your tires balanced, you must first schedule an appointment via the Costco website.

Customers can then access the Tire Center, where they can choose a specific Costco location and what kind of vehicle they have. From there, customers can choose from a range of appointment times.

The tire service team will carry out the appointment, so customers can continue their shopping while their tires are checked and balanced!

Typically, the wait time for a tire rebalance at Costco is around 45 minutes, which can vary on how busy they are.

How Much Does It Cost To Have My Tires Balanced? 

Costco offers a very affordable service package that covers tire balance and tire rotation, and a nitrogen inflation service. This package costs $21.99 for the whole vehicle.

As well as this, Costco offers a road hazard warranty of five years on all tires purchased at Costco, which allows customers access to free tire balancing, rotation, and nitrogen inflation, making Costco a very cost-effective solution. 

What Vehicles Will Costco Perform A Tire Balance On?

Costco’s road hazard warranty stipulates that it will cover tires for passenger and performance cars and light truck vehicles.

To ensure your vehicle is eligible, the Costco website allows customers to search for specific models and makes of cars, so if a customer has a very specific need, they are able to easily find out if it is catered to by Costco.

However, Costco does list a few vehicles that they cannot perform a tire balance on. Including golf carts, ATVs, and UTVs.

What Costco Locations Can I Have My Tires Balanced At? 

Costco stores pride themselves on the size of their locations and the many services they can provide. Because of this, the majority of Costco locations can provide tire alignment and balancing services.

When users of the Costco website make use of the tire service booking system, they will be shown where the nearest Costco location that can provide the necessary tire balancing service.

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