Does Costco Refill Propane Tanks + How To Use?

Costco prides itself on offering a wide variety of services that cater to the daily needs of its customers.

So whether you are on the road in your RV or hosting a BBQ, you may be wondering if Costco refills propane tanks. Here is what I have found!

Does Costco Refill Propane Tanks?

Costco does refill 20lb, 30lb, 40lb, and 100lb propane tanks at locations with a Tire Service Center, which is available for members only. When dropping off a propane tank, push the button at the refill station, and a Costco attendant will give you a receipt, which can be paid for in-store while shopping.

To learn more about locations, prices, and getting your propane tank refilled at Costco, keep on reading!

What Costco Stores Fill Propane Tanks?

Users of the Costco website can search for Costco locations around the United States and see what specific services each location offers.

If users access the ‘Departments and Specialty Items’ section of the Costco website, they can check to see if a specific location offers Propane services.

Additionally, I find the propane tank refill’s opening hours to be the same as the Costco Tire Center, which is typically from 10 am – 7 pm (Mon-Fri), and 10 am – 6 pm (Sat-Sun).

What Costco Stores Fill Propane Tanks?

However, I have noticed that this isn’t always correct. I usually find that if a Costco has both Tire Services and Gas, then they usually have Propane (see above).

But to be on the safe side, it is best to call the Costco store number beforehand to save yourself the trip!

How Do I Fill a Propane Tank At Costco?

Filling a Propane Tank at Costco is a very simple process. First, you should locate the Propane Service Station, usually located within the parking lot.

Reach out to an attendant at the propane station, and they will assist you with your request.

Attendants cannot refill expired propane tanks, so they will first check to make sure that the tank is not expired. Costco will take any expired tanks off of your hands, but cannot offer anything in return.

Once the attendant takes your empty propane tank, he/she will give you a receipt, which will have to be paid for in the Costco store itself while doing other shopping.

How Long Does Propane Refill Take At Costco?

From my experience, I have found the propane refill at Costco to take around 5-20 minutes, which can vary on how busy they are (it’s usually busier on the weekends).

What Does A Propane Tank Refill Cost At Costco?

Prices for propane refills can vary greatly depending on time and demand, but Costco aims to offer highly competitive prices to rival their competition.

For example, the last time I filled my propane tank at Costco, the price was only $2.19/gallon, which is exceptionally cheap compared to the competition.

But as the price of propane fluctuates from day to day, the price will vary on when you want to refill.

Does Costco Exchange Propane Tanks?

Does Costco Exchange Propane Tanks?

Unfortunately, Costco does not provide a propane tank exchange service, unlike other stores like Walmart.

However, Costco members can get propane tanks refilled, which is typically much cheaper and more economical than exchanging propane tanks.

Does Costco Sell Propane Tanks?

Yes, Costco does sell a wide range of propane tanks, including various sizes such as 1lb, 5lb, 20lb, 30lb, and 100lb tanks. All Costco propane tanks come prefilled and ready to use for a wide range of uses.

Additionally, many of the propane tanks Costco sells include overflow protection, and built-in gauges and are prepurged.

Is It Cheaper to Refill A Propane Tank Than Purchase A New One?

Purchasing a new propane tank every time you need propane might seem like the easier solution, but it can significantly ramp up costs over time.

Refilling a propane tank ensures that no propane ever goes to waste, as it can be hard to gauge just how much propane is left in a tank, so refilling the tank ensures that any leftover propane does not merely get discarded unknowingly.

To learn more, you can also see my posts on the quality of Costco Gas, and their opening hours.

Additionally, if Costco is a long drive from your home, you can also exchange propane tanks at Walmart and Dollar General.


Costco does offer a Propane Tank filling service, a convenient service that can be done easily, and fit within your average shopping trip. However, Costco does not exchange Propane Tanks, but they will take them off your hands to be recycled.

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