Does Costco Deliver Mattresses? [All You Need To Know] 

You need a new mattress, so you go to Costco because of their great prices and purchase one. But does Costco deliver mattresses? Read on to find out what I discovered!

Does Costco Deliver Mattresses?

Yes, Costco does deliver mattresses that are bought in-store and online. GoShare is the service used by Costco to deliver mattresses from their warehouse to your home. They help you with the entire delivery process: loading, transporting and unloading large and bulky purchases.  

Keep reading to learn more about Costco’s mattress delivery system and what all applies to it. 

Does Costco Charge for Mattress Delivery?

The cost of delivery is included in the price of the mattress. So, while you’re not paying a fee outright for delivery, you are still paying a delivery fee. It is just lumped in with your total price.

How Long Does It Take for Costco to Deliver a Mattress?

It can take anywhere between four to six weeks for your mattress to be delivered from Costco. 

Does Costco Remove Old Mattresses When Delivering a New Mattress? 

Costco can haul away used frames and box springs. Mattress removal is also included, except for when the used items are infested, soiled, or damaged – additional fees may apply. They will not, however, haul away furniture, footboards, or headboards. 

What Does the Costco Delivery Process Include?

What Does the Costco Delivery Process Include?

The Costco delivery and installation process of your new mattress include:  

  • Set up in the member’s room of choice 
  • You’re allowed to have one bedding set that’s on your property for each new bedding set that’s being delivered 
  • Will assemble adjustable bases and frames 
  • Footboard and headboard must be assembled before the delivery for the delivery team to be able to attach the frame unless these things are being delivered by Costco 
  • Costco can haul away used frames and box springs.  Mattress removal is also included, except for when the used items are infested, soiled, or damaged – additional fees may apply 
  • Costco will remove all packaging cardboard and plastic from the member’s house 

Costco will not:  

  • Hoist/lift items over banisters or obstructions or through windows 
  • Haul away furniture, footboards, or headboards 

Can You Return a Mattress Bought at Costco?

Yes! Any mattress you buy at Costco falls under their generous return policy. You have a couple of months to try out the mattress before deciding if you don’t like it and return it for a full refund.  

Are Costco Mattresses Any Good?

Costco mattresses have been said to score better than average when compared to other discount store lines, but there are some things that you should keep an eye out for.  

Many customers have said that the mattress they purchased wasn’t as firm as they expected it to be. This is typically an issue with a latex and memory foam mattress and a side effect of not being allowed to try out the bed in-store.  

Another thing that should be considered is that information on the quality of mattresses proves to be fairly limited online.

For instance, it can be hard to find information on foam densities, coil counts, material compositions, and other important specifications that people like to have when comparing mattresses.  

What Mattress Brands Does Costco Sell?

Costco sells a wide variety of brands, including name brands and Costco signature brand mattress options, such as:  

  • Drexel Heritage 
  • Simmons 
  • Cocoon by Sealy 
  • Casper Mattress 
  • Molecule 
  • Temper-Pedic 
  • Beautyrest Mattress 
  • Sealy Mattress 
  • Novafoam 
  • Kirkland Signature 

These are only a select handful of the amazing selection available to customers who shop at Costco for their new mattresses.

While they don’t offer all of these brands instore, they are all available online, so if you want more choices, shop for your new mattress online.  

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Conclusion: Does Costco Deliver Mattresses?

Yes, Costco does deliver mattresses. Costco uses GoShare to deliver their mattresses and install the mattresses in the member’s homes. The installation process is very thorough and can include the removal of old mattresses and box springs. If you aren’t satisfied with your mattress, you can return it to Costco for a full refund.

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