Does Costco Deliver TVs? [Fees, Delivery Times, Shipping + More] 

You’ve just purchased a new TV from Costco, but it’s too big for your car. So, you’re wondering, does Costco deliver TVs? Here is what I discovered!

Does Costco Deliver TVs?

Yes, Costco delivers TVs bought in-store and online. Costco authorizes GoShare to deliver TVs from their warehouse to your home. You can even choose to have your TV delivered to your door or delivered with a basic setup included. However, haul away is not included.  

To learn more about TV delivery, wait time, plus installation, keep on reading!

How Long Does It Take Costco to Ship a TV?

On its website, Costco states that it can take up to 20 days from the date of purchase for your TV to be delivered to your home.

This time can vary depending on the TV’s size, availability, the Costco where you purchased the TV, and where you live. Typically though, it takes around 5-10 business days to deliver.

What Shipping Methods Does Costco Offer for TVs?

What Shipping Methods Does Costco Offer for TVs?

Costco offers a few different shipping methods for TVs from the Costco warehouse to your home, including:  

  • Standard Delivery: Most items are delivered using services such as UPS, FedEx, or USPS. If you choose express shipping, additional Shipping and Handling fees will be quoted at checkout.  
  • Standard Delivery with No Pre-Scheduled Appointment: Your item will ship by a freight carrier; however, it will be shipped in a manner that’s similar to UPS Standard Delivery – left near your front door and won’t require a signature or appointment. 
  • Curbside Delivery:<span data-contrast=”auto”> With this option, your item is shipped using a freight carrier, which is then delivered right to your driveway. This method lets you pick a designated appointment time, and a signature is required upon delivery.  
  • Threshold Delivery: This shipping method of a large item to the first dry area on your property, such as inside your front door or your garage, so you can feel assured that your purchase is safe from the elements. You’ll be able to choose a designated appointment time, and a signature is required upon delivery.  
  • White-Glove Delivery: This is the “best of the best,” the White Glove delivery option means that the item will be delivered at an appointment time of your choice, and then the carrier will unpack, set up, and inspect the item to ensure that the item is what you expect it to be. This option also includes the pickup and removal of any packaging.  

How Much Does It Cost To Deliver a TV From Costco?

Typically, when buying a TV from Costco, there is a standard free “threshold delivery” included in the price of purchase. However, this free delivery can vary from each Costco location, the time of year, and the particular TV.

Does Costco Install TVs?

Costco will install your new TV for you if you choose that option when you purchase your new TV. The installation and delivery process includes:  

  • Removal of shipping bolts and packing materials, attach base, legs, and speakers 
  • Will put the TV in the location specified by the Costco member and connect the TV to the power source 
  • Connect the TV to the antenna, cable lead-in, or signal supply  
  • Power the TV on  
  • Take a picture of the blue screen and load it into a handheld 
  • Hand member the TV remote and manufacture instructions  

Costco will not:  

  • Remove packaging – it’s recommended that the member keeps the packaging for the possible return of the product  
  • Haul away old TV sets 

Remember that you have to specify that you want your TV to be installed by Costco when choosing the delivery option. Otherwise, they’ll just brown box deliver your TV to your home, and you’ll have to set it up yourself.  

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Conclusion: Does Costco Deliver TVs?

Yes, Costco does deliver TVs from their warehouse to your home. The delivery of your new TV can include the setup and installation of your new TV, or it can simply be the delivery of your TV – it’s entirely up to you. Shopping for a new TV has never been easier than it has by shopping at Costco with your Costco membership!

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