Does Costco Offer Military And Veteran Discounts? [All You Need To Know!]

Military personnel are highly valued across the United States. This is reflected in some of the many discounts that veterans and those on active duty can access across a range of stores.

Costco is a World-leading wholesale grocery chain, so you may be wondering whether they offer any Military or Veteran discounts. Here is what I discovered!

Does Costco Offer Military And Veteran Discounts?

Unfortunately, Costco does not currently offer any type of Military or Veteran discount towards its memberships or discounts in-store. Costco also do not offer any discounts for customers on Veteran’s day. However, Costco does offer alternative perks to Military personnel via the SheerID service.

So, what kinds of perks does Costco offer its Military customers?

What Does Costco Offer For Its Military Customers?

Despite having no dedicated Military discount on membership, products, or any Veteran’s Day discounts, Costco does offer a considerable perk for all Military personnel and their dependent families.

By utilizing the SheerID service to verify their military status, Military personnel are able to redeem a $30 Costco Shop Card upon signing up for a Costco membership!

However, they must sign up for a brand new Costco membership, or the old account must have expired for 18 months.

So, how do you use ‘SheerID,’ and what does it do?

What is ‘SheerID,’ And How Do You Utilize It?

When signing up for a Costco Membership, Military personnel have the option to verify their Military status via a service known as ‘SheerID’.

SheerID exists to make the process of verifying a military, student, or first-responder status as simple as possible.

New Costco Members simply enter the required information via SheerID, and once that information is verified, then the membership process continues as normal.

At the end of the process, the new member will be offered a $30 Costco Shop Card!

Are There Any Other Stores That Offer A Military Discount?

Costco may not offer a set discount on Memberships, but many other similar grocery stores do offer such discounts.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Fred Meyer
  • BJ’s
  • New Season’s Market
  • DeCicco Family Markets

Military discounts vary from store to store, but all offer a sizable aid to Military personnel seeking to lower their grocery bills.

Fred Meyer, New Season’s Market, and DeCicco Family Markets all offer a 10% discount on advertised days, that are valid to a wide variety of items across both stores, provided verification can be given.

Unlike Costco, BJ’s offer a 25% discount on new memberships and offer a $10 coupon upon signing up.

Are There Any Stores That Offer A Veteran’s Day Discount?

Although Costco does not offer any dedicated Veteran’s Day discounts, many Grocery stores do offer such discounts.

These include:

  • Spartan Nash
  • Publix
  • Food Lion
  • Target

Discount values vary across these stores, with Publix and Food Lion offering 10% discounts on November 11th; Veteran’s Day.

Spartan Nash and Target offer wider-ranging discounts, valued around 11%, covering multiple days around Veterans’ Day.

To learn more, you can also see my guide on how Costco approaches discounts with senior citizens. Also, if you are yet to signup with Costco, you can see my post on whether or not Costco memberships renew automatically.

Additionally, if you have had a service member pass away in your family, you can read up on the products that Costco sells for funerals.


Unfortunately, Costco does not offer a dedicated Military or Veteran’s discount, even on Veteran’s Day. However, they do offer unique perks to their military customer base.

Military personnel can claim a $30 Costco Shop Card when signing up to a new verified Membership, provided they can verify their identity through the ‘SheerID’ program.

Although Costco does not offer a Military or Veteran’s discount, Military Personnel have plenty of options in the form of other grocery stores, if they still wish to make use of a dedicated Military discount.

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