Does CVS Sell Sephora Gift Cards? (Try This Instead)

If you’re facing doubts about which gift would make the perfect present, you may consider a gift card to ensure your recipient can purchase exactly what they want.

CVS is a great place to discover a wide range of gift cards, but if your loved one is into all things beauty, you may wonder whether CVS sells a Sephora gift card? Let’s find out!

Does CVS Sell Sephora Gift Cards In 2021?

CVS does not sell Sephora gift cards as of 2021. Despite this, CVS sells several gift cards for stores that also sell similar makeup products to Sephora, such as The Body Shop and Claire’s Accessories. Sephora gift cards are available at Kroger, Sephora stores, and

For more information on alternative beauty store gift cards at CVS and where to purchase Sephora gift cards, read on!

Why Doesn’t CVS Sell Sephora Gift Cards?

CVS is known for providing affordable health and beauty products and is a key competitor of Sephora, a high-end cosmetic store.

CVS does not sell competitor gift cards to encourage consumers to purchase health and beauty products at its own stores.

Alternative Makeup Gift Cards Available At CVS

CVS sells gift cards to Claire’s Accessories, DSW, as well as The Body Shop. These three stores have a range of makeup available to buy.

Claire’s is aimed at pre-teens and children, so a gift card to Claire’s will let youths’ trial and experiment with the range of fun and safe makeup products!

DSW sells makeup removers alongside many other skincare products. CVS sells gift cards for DSW at nearly all store locations, depending on availability.

The Body Shop is a classic and sophisticated makeup, skin, and body care store that sells all the essentials. This would make a gift card to The Body Shop an excellent idea for your ethically conscious friends and family.

Where Can I Buy Sephora Gift Cards?

You can purchase a Sephora gift card at Kroger, JCPenney, Walmart, and Lowe’s.

Alternatively, you can buy a gift card from Sephora itself by ordering online at or by going into the store and picking one up.

Where Are The Gift Cards Located In CVS?

The gift cards in CVS are usually located within the birthday or ‘celebration’ section, in the card rack. Store associates will likely place this rack of gift cards at the end of an aisle or near the cashiers.

If you cannot find the gift card section, feel free to ask a member of staff. They will be happy to assist you by directing you to the gift card rack.

Alternatively, you can purchase gift cards online by going onto CVS’s website. Here, you can choose the gift card you would like to buy, set a value on it and order it to either your address or to the intended recipient’s address!

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In summary, CVS does not sell Sephora gift cards despite selling a wide range of gift cards.

However, CVS does stock alternative gift cards including CVS, JCPenney, The Body Shop, and Claire’s. Sephora gift cards are often found at Walmart, Krogers, Sephora stores,, Lowe’s

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