Does CVS Use Telecheck Or Certegy? (Full Guide)

Several retailers around the U.S. use check-verification services such as Telecheck and Certegy in order to avoid accepting fraudulent or invalid checks.

Since CVS also accepts checks, you might be wondering if CVS uses Telecheck or Certegy. Here is a full guide of all you need to know.

Does CVS Use Telecheck Or Certegy?

CVS uses Telecheck as its third-party check-verification service provider. When you perform a check-based transaction at CVS, Telecheck runs a background analysis of your personal information along with your previous banking activities and any unpaid debts to avoid invalid checks.

If you are interested in learning more about why and how CVS uses Telecheck and why would your checks be declined? Keep on reading!

Why Does CVS Use Telecheck?

CVS, like any other retailer that utilizes check-verification services, uses Telecheck to prevent monetary losses on their end, caused by the acceptance of fraudulent and invalid checks.

Since CVS does not affiliate with financial institutions directly, Telecheck helps CVS manage the risks involved in accepting such checks by running background checks and performing risk management.

This ensures that checks remain a safe method of transaction for themselves and the customers.

How Does CVS Use Telecheck To Verify Your Check?

Whenever you hand over a check to make a transaction at CVS, your check is run through an authorized verification system.

Once accepted, you are presented with a receipt to sign on validating your payment.

Lastly, you are provided with a copy of your transaction for record-keeping along with the contact information of the service provider (in case you experience some issue or require any additional information about the transaction you made.)

For What Reasons Would Telecheck Deny Your Check At CVS?

If your check was denied by Telecheck at a CVS pharmacy, it would be for either of the following three main reasons Telecheck denies checks for:

  • Telecheck holds a history of bank account debt or unpaid checks from your end.
  • Your check may have been declined as a result of Telecheck‘s ‘Risk Decisioning’ analytic tool.
  • Or Telecheck simply does not contain adequate personal information about you to pass your check.

How Can You Make Sure Your Check Is Accepted By Telecheck At CVS?

Providing Telecheck with your complete required information and helping them update your files can remarkably improve your chances of getting your checks accepted. Such as:

  • Your social security number.
  • Your driving license number along with the state it was issued at.
  • The record numbers of all your previously declined checks.
  • The banking numbers are provided at the bottom of your check.
  • Or any other additional information prompted by the company.

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CVS uses Telecheck in order to avoid accepting fraudulent and invalid checks. Your check may be declined by Telecheck due to insufficient information, a history of unpaid debts, and negative banking history, or based on the “Risk Decisioning” analyses the service utilizes.

To ensure your checks are accepted at CVS in the future, help Telecheck update your files by providing any additional information required.

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