Does Dairy Queen Have Corn Dogs? (All You Need to Know)

Corn Dogs are a classic American creation that are now sold in many places. Hot dogs on sticks, covered in batter, and fried to crispy, golden perfection is a recipe not likely to grow old.

Some fast-food restaurants make and sell corn dogs, which often become very popular. That being said, when stopping at Dairy Queen, will you be able to get a corn dog? I’ve done the research, and this is what I found out!

Can You Get a Corn Dog at Dairy Queen In [currentyear]?

Some Dairy Queen locations offer corn dogs alongside the hot dogs on the menu in [currentyear]. They’re often served with ketchup and mustard and have become a local favorite in areas where they’re sold. However, since most DQ stores are individually owned and operated, many owners choose not to sell corn dogs.

Keep reading to find out all you need to know about Dairy Queen Corn Dogs, along with many useful and related facts!

Why Don’t All Dairy Queen Stores Have Corn Dogs?

Although some Dairy Queen franchises have made the choice to sell corn dogs, making it a local favorite in some cases, it is not a required menu item.

Each franchise owner/operator must decide which items to have on their DQ menu. Some owners may have only hot dogs, some might have corn dogs, and others sell neither one.

Corn dogs are listed under the “Local Favorites” section on the Dairy Queen website. Other items like BBQ Sandwiches, Fish Sandwiches, and Steakfinger Baskets are also on this list.

If you’re wondering about the menu for a specific Dairy Queen store, you can use the location finder on the official website, or call the store phone number to talk to an employee.

What’s in a Corn Dog From Dairy Queen?

Menu details vary between stores, but if a Dairy Queen restaurant’s corn dogs are made with the same weiners as the normal hot dogs, then they contain beef, water, sorbitol, and other ingredients.

Dairy Queen does not have an official ingredient list for the corn breading on the outside of its corn dogs, but this information may be provided by individual stores upon asking the manager.

How Many Calories Are in a Corn Dog From Dairy Queen?

There are 240 calories in a corn dog from Dairy Queen, according to the DQ website.

How Much Sodium Is in a Dairy Queen Corn Dog?

The sodium content in a DQ corn dog is 390 mg.

What Is the Fat Content in a Dairy Queen Corn Dog?

What Is the Fat Content in a Dairy Queen Corn Dog?

There are 13 grams of total fat in a corn dog from Dairy Queen. The corn dog contains 3 grams of saturated fat and 0 grams of trans fat.

What Condiments Does Dairy Queen Have?

For traditional hot dog condiments, Dairy Queen has ketchup and mustard. Some locations may also offer relish and other condiments.

A common Dairy Queen dipping sauce you may like to try with your corn dog is honey mustard.

What Should I Order Instead of a Corn Dog at Dairy Queen?

If a Dairy Queen restaurant menu lacks any corn dogs, you may wonder what other similar items are available to you.

Many Dairy Queen locations sell hot dogs, so perhaps try one with the classic ketchup and mustard, or be bolder with a Chili Cheese Dog.

If you’re craving a smaller meat item that isn’t a hot dog, try a hamburger (the basic kind), a chicken sandwich, or a small order of chicken strips.

What Other Small Food Items Does Dairy Queen Have?

If you’re in the mood for a snack and corn dogs aren’t sold at your local DQ, there are still plenty of smaller food options to choose from.

First, there are Pretzel Sticks served with zesty queso at participating locations.

The item comes with three soft pretzel sticks served hot from the oven and sprinkled with salt, with a queso dipping sauce on the side.

In addition, there are classic DQ Fries. Cooked in soybean oil and tossed with salt, it’s an infallible snack that pairs well with Dairy Queen’s vanilla soft serve.

Another good snack option at Dairy Queen is the onion rings. These may just satisfy that crunchy breaded sensation that you’d hoped for in a corn dog.

In addition, many Dairy Queen locations have cheese curds, which are little pieces of cheese that are battered and fried until melty and crisp. They come in Regular and Large sizes.

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Corn Dogs at Dairy Queen are available at some locations. It is up to the store owner to decide what will be on their individual menu.

If you can’t find corn dogs at your local Dairy Queen, you may be able to get a normal hot dog or Chili Cheese Dog instead. Or, you could switch things up completely and try onion rings or pretzel sticks.

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