Does Dairy Queen Have Sugar-Free Ice Cream? (All You Need To Know)

Dairy Queen is a popular fast-food restaurant that gained fame across the globe for its soft serve. For decades, people have come to DQ for a refreshing ice cream cone or a candy-filled Blizzard.

Some of us prefer to keep our daily sugar intake to a minimum. Sugar-free ice cream is a great way to do this while enjoying a cold, creamy treat. But can you get sugar-free ice cream at DQ? This article will tell you all you need to know!

Does Dairy Queen Have Sugar-Free Ice Cream In [currentyear]?

Dairy Queen does not carry sugar-free ice cream as of [currentyear]. Its soft serve contains sugar, dairy, and all the standard ingredients you find in most ice cream. DQ does have a “No Sugar Added” version of its classic Dilly Bar, which is an excellent option for those wanting a sweet treat without much sugar.

Keep reading to find more low-sugar options at Dairy Queen and more!

What Kinds Of Ice Cream Does Dairy Queen Have?

Dairy Queen is known for its ice cream. With that, the main staple at DQ is the vanilla soft serve, which is light and airy and often served in a cone, as a sundae, or in a Blizzard.

Also, some locations may offer chocolate soft serve or swirled soft serve. Moreover, dipped cones are an option at participating locations.

Further, flavors like Chocolate, Cherry, Butterscotch, and Fruity Blast may be available.

Still, other DQ ice cream options are the classic treats, including novelty items and ice cream bars like Dilly Bars or Fudge Bars.

What Ice Cream Has The Least Amount Of Sugar At Dairy Queen?

If you’re looking for ice cream at DQ that has lower sugar content than most other items, the No Sugar Added Dilly Bar is your best bet.

That said, Dilly Bars were invented in 1955 at a Dairy Queen franchise location in Moorhead, Minnesota.

Moreover, they are made with Dairy Queen soft serve on a stick, dipped in a chocolate coating.

Also, some Dilly Bars are still made the old-fashioned way in Dairy Queen kitchens.

However, many are manufactured and prepackaged to be shipped and sold at Dairy Queen stores far and wide.

With that, this allows for newer varieties like the Dairy-Free Dilly Bar and No Sugar Added Dilly Bar to be sold in large quantities.

How Much Sugar Is In A No Sugar Added Dilly Bar?

There are only six grams of sugar in a No Sugar Added Dilly Bar, less than a third of the sugar in a regular Chocolate Dilly Bar, which contains 21 grams.

How Much Sugar Is In A Dairy Queen Blizzard?

What Kind Of How Much Sugar Is In A Dairy Queen Blizzard?Drinks Does Dairy Queen Have?

Sugar content will vary slightly depending on which flavor of Blizzard you choose, as some toppings might have more sugar than others.

One example is the Oreo Cookie Blizzard, which contains 88 grams of sugar in medium and 70 grams in small sizes.

How Much Sugar Is In A Small Dairy Queen Cone?

A small Vanilla Cone from Dairy Queen contains 26 grams of sugar. Alternatively, a Kids Cone contains only 18 grams of sugar.

Does Dairy Queen Have Sugar-Free Fudge Bars?

Dairy Queen does not make a sugar-free Fudge Bar. However, the Fudge Bar itself does not contain very much sugar, only six grams per bar.

As you can see, that’s the same as the No Sugar Added Dilly Bar and quite a bit less than most ice cream treats at Dairy Queen.

How Much Sugar Is In A Dairy Queen Dipped Cone?

There are 31 grams of sugar in a small Chocolate-Dipped Cone from Dairy Queen, which are available at participating locations.

Further, a kid’s size contains 20 grams of sugar, a medium contains 44 grams, and a large contains 62 grams of sugar.

Does Dairy Queen Have Sugar-Free Slushes?

Dairy Queen sells Misty Slushes at participating locations. However, they do not come in a sugar-free variety.

Still, the standard flavors for a Misty Slush are Cherry, Mango, Lemon Lime, Blue Raspberry, and Strawberry Kiwi.

Also, a medium Misty Slush from DQ contains 64 grams of sugar, while a small contains 50 grams, and a large size contains 85 grams of sugar.

How Much Sugar Is In A Dairy Queen Banana Split?

Dairy Queens’ Banana Split Royal Treat contains 74 grams of sugar, which is still less than a medium Oreo Blizzard.

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Although Dairy Queen does not carry sugar-free ice cream, it does have a No Sugar Added Dilly Bar at participating locations. That said, these are manufactured and pre-packaged.

However, DQ Blizzards, Misty Slushes, and Royal Treats contain a substantial amount of sugar. However, Fudge Bars, No Sugar Added Dilly Bars, and small Vanilla Cones are good low-sugar options.

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