Does Dairy Queen Have Orange Julius? (All You Need to Know)

Orange Julius has been around since 1926 when Julius Freed opened his own orange juice stand. Since then, it has become a widely recognized brand of frothy beverages.

You may wonder if you can actually get an Orange Julius at your local Dairy Queen. I’ve done the research, so here are all the answers you’ll need!

Does Dairy Queen Have Orange Julius In [currentyear]?

Dairy Queen serves Orange Julius Originals at select locations in [currentyear]. Orange Julius is actually completely owned by Dairy Queen. Orange Julius has become famously unique in its frothy texture and sweet creamsicle flavor. You will find a couple of different Julius Original drinks at participating Dairy Queen locations, which make a great addition to your Dairy Queen meal.

Keep reading to find out all you need to know about Orange Julius at Dairy Queen, including when Dairy Queen acquired the company, which Orange Julius drinks are sold at Dairy Queen, and more!

When Did Dairy Queen Acquire Orange Julius?

Dairy Queen bought the Orange Julius company in 1987. It became a fully owned subsidiary of the Dairy Queen company.

This allowed Dairy Queen locations to serve all of the regular menu items alongside orange Julius Drinks.

You’ll still find many Dairy Queen locations today that are combined with Orange Julius, even signs saying so on the outside of the building.

Does Every Dairy Queen Serve Orange Julius?

Orange Julius drinks are available at participating locations, so you may come across a location that does not serve them.

Even though Dairy Queen owns Orange Julius, most DQ franchises are individually owned and operated, so menu items vary between each location.

What Kinds of Orange Julius Drinks Does Dairy Queen Have?

Dairy Queen sells Orange Julius Originals (the classic orange flavor) along with Strawberry Banana Julius Originals. You may also find a Strawberry Julius original at certain locations. 

What Sizes Do Orange Julius Drinks Come In?

Orange Julius drinks are sold in small, medium, and large sizes at Dairy Queen.

What Are Orange Julius Drinks Made Of?

Orange Julius drinks are made with frozen orange juice concentrate, Misty Slush base water, sugars, citric acid, and sodium carboxymethylcellulose.

They also contain some whey and egg white ingredients along with smaller amounts of other ingredients like sweeteners and xanthan gum.

What’s the Difference Between an Orange Julius and a Smoothie?

What’s the Difference Between an Orange Julius and a Smoothie? Dairy

Orange Julius Drinks are frothy and very sweet, and they are not as thick as smoothies.

However, Premium Fruit Smoothies at Dairy Queen are made with real fruit and juice along with yogurt and sweetener.

Orange Julius contains more ingredients, no yogurt, and tastes like a sweet creamsicle.

Is Orange Julius a Milkshake?

Orange Julius drinks do not contain any ice cream or straight milk, so they’re not technically milkshakes. It is sweet like a milkshake, but it does not have that same thick consistency.

How Much Sugar Is in an Orange Julius Original?

There are 62 grams of sugar in a medium Orange Julius Original. In a medium Strawberry Banana Original, there are 86 grams of sugar.

How Many Calories Are in a Strawberry Banana Julius Original?

Strawberry Banana Orange Julius Drinks contain 330 calories in a small, 460 calories in a medium, and 670 calories in a large.

How Many Calories Are in an Orange Julius Original?

Orange Julius Originals contain 200 calories in a small, 260 calories in a medium, and 400 calories in a large.

What Is the Fat Content in Julius Originals?

Orange Julius Originals contain 0 grams of fat. However, Strawberry Banana Julius Drinks contain 4.5 grams in a small, 7 grams in a medium, and 9 grams of fat in a large.

What Is the Secret Ingredient in Orange Julius Drinks?

The “secret ingredient” in Orange Julius Drinks is sodium carboxymethylcellulose. It is a kind of cellulose derivative that is used in many commercial and scientific fields.

In food and drink, it is often used as an emulsifier and thickener. So, in the case of Orange Julius, it keeps the drink at its signature consistency.

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Dairy Queen serves Orange Julius Originals, Strawberry Banana Originals, and sometimes Strawberry Julius Originals at participating locations.

They are low in fat, high in sugar, and a favorite of many due to their popularity over the decades in the 20th century. And now you can get an Orange Julius alongside your Dairy Queen Dipped Cone or fries.

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