Does Dairy Queen Have Twist Cones? (All You Need to Know)

Twist cones are a delightful mix of chocolate and vanilla soft-serve ice cream, swirled into a single cone. It’s a classic treat that can be found at many ice cream shops.

But can you get a twist cone at Dairy Queen, a fast-food chain famous for its ice cream products? This article will answer all your questions regarding twist cones at Dairy Queen, so keep reading!

Can You Get a Twist Cone at Dairy Queen In [currentyear]?

Some Dairy Queen franchises offer twist cones, made with chocolate and vanilla soft serve in [currentyear]. These are sold alongside vanilla, chocolate, and dipped cones. It’s much more common for DQ locations to only have vanilla soft serve. Since each franchise is individually owned, menu items vary. Call your local DQ store to find out if twist cones are offered.

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What Are the Sizes for a Dairy Queen Twist Cone?

Dairy Queen cones come in kids, small, medium, and large sizes.

How Much Does a Dairy Queen Twist Cone Cost?

Since this is not an official menu option, pricing for twist cones at locations that offer them may vary. It is likely, however, that they are priced similarly to the Vanilla Cone from DQ.

A small-size vanilla cone costs $1.99, a medium costs $2.39, and a large-size costs $2.69

What Flavors of Ice Cream Does DQ Have?

At most Dairy Queen locations, the soft serve flavors are limited to vanilla, often with the option to dip the cone in a flavored coating like chocolate or cherry.

However, it is easy to order a specifically flavored ice cream treat at DQ by ordering a Blizzard and requesting specific toppings to be added according to your preference.

You can also check DQ’s official blizzard menu here.

Why Doesn’t My Local Dairy Queen Have Twist Cones?

In order to sell twist cones, a Dairy Queen store must not only have chocolate soft serve but also a special machine that swirls the ice cream.

Many DQ restaurants do not have the space or funds for the needed equipment. That is why many of them stick to the simple vanilla soft serve.

What Ice Cream Does DQ Use for Twist Cones?

What Ice Cream Does DQ Use for Twist Cones?

If a DQ does offer twist cones, they will be made with the famous vanilla soft serve along with a chocolate soft serve made with a similar recipe.

How Many Calories Are in a Dairy Queen Twist Cone?

The nutrition facts in a Dairy Queen Twist Cone are likely almost identical to that of a Vanilla Cone.

Moreover, a small Vanilla Cone from DQ contains 220 calories.

How Much Sugar Is in a Small DQ Twist Cone?

A small DQ Twist Cone will contain about 26 grams of total sugar.

What Other Kinds of Ice Cream Does DQ Have?

Dairy Queen has several ice cream treats to order, aside from twist cones and vanilla cones.

You can also get sundaes, which are topped with flavored toppings of your choice. There is an extensive blizzard menu, along with banana splits and dipped cones.

In addition, there are classic treats such as Dilly Bars, Fudge Bars, and Buster Bars, all of which can be bought in pre-packaged boxes at participating locations.

What Ice Cream Toppings Does DQ Have?

Dairy Queen has many ice cream toppings, most of which are used in Blizzards and sundaes.

For example, you can add peanuts to your sundae, along with fruit toppings, peanut butter, or chocolate fudge.

There is also an abundance of candy and cookie toppings at DQ, along with brownie pieces.

You can read more in our article about Dairy Queen’s topping options.

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Some Dairy Queen locations offer twist cones, while many only offer vanilla cones.

It may be difficult for Dairy Queen franchises to find the space for an additional ice cream machine that allows for chocolate and twist soft serve.

At locations that do sell twist cones, the small cones contain about 26 grams of sugar and 220 calories. If your local Dairy Queen doesn’t sell twist cones, try one of the chocolate Blizzard flavors or a chocolate fudge sundae.

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