Does Dairy Queen Take Apple Pay? (All You Need to Know)

Apple Pay is a popular form of payment, thanks to its wide acceptance at businesses all over the globe. Many fast-food restaurants use Apple Pay, keeping orders quick and straightforward.

But before ordering at Dairy Queen, you should know whether it accepts this form of payment. Keep reading to find out all you need to know!

Does Dairy Queen Accept Apple Pay In 2024?

Due to upgraded payment systems with compatible software, many Dairy Queen locations accept Apple Pay as of 2024. Essentially, it comes down to each franchise location. For example, some locations may not have upgraded their systems. Try calling the local restaurant to confirm whether they use Apple Pay.

This article will help you stay updated on payment methods at Dairy Queen, so keep reading!

Does Dairy Queen Take Contactless Payment?

Many Dairy Queen locations have upgraded payment systems to allow various contactless payment options, such as Apple Pay.

Also, you can order and pay online or through the Dairy Queen app, which quickens the process and makes it easier to pick up your order.

How Can I Use Apple Pay At Dairy Queen?

When checking out at Dairy Queen, you should be able to double-click the home or power button on your iPhone (depending on the model) to bring up your Apple wallet.

Then, it will ask for your Face ID, finger ID, or passcode before you can pay using the digital wallet.

Additionally, there should be the option to choose between Apple Cash and your normal debit card, as long as you’ve set up both.

At the payment system, simply hold your phone close to the screen or scanner, and your phone will do the rest.

For more information on how Apple Pay works, you can visit Apple’s official website.

Can I Use My Apple Watch to Pay at Dairy Queen?

Can I Use My Apple Watch to Pay at Dairy Queen?

Apple Pay on your Apple Watch works the same way as it does on your iPhone. With that, you can double-click the side button on your Apple Watch to activate your wallet.

After that, this will allow you to pay with your Apple Watch at most Dairy Queen locations.

Also, you don’t need to have your phone on you when paying with the Apple Watch, which is helpful if you’ve forgotten your wallet and phone.

Does Dairy Queen Accept Apple Pay In The Drive Through?

With the upgraded systems that most Dairy Queen locations have acquired since 2010, you will be able to use Apple Pay in the drive-through and the store.

However, the added benefit of using Apple Pay in the drive-through is the speed and ease of using your phone rather than finding the right card in your wallet while you pick up your order.

How Does The Dairy Queen App Work?

You can download the Dairy Queen official app through the App Store or Google Play. After downloading, create an account and start using the app!

Then, you can place an order for pick up and pay, earn points with the rewards system, and find Dairy Queen locations near you. Moreover, you can also get exclusive deals through the app.

When paying for your order through the app, you can use debit or credit card information, but not Apple Pay.

What Other Forms Of Payment Does Dairy Queen Accept?

If you happen to find yourself at a Dairy Queen location that does not have an updated payment system, you’ll want to know what other payment options there are.

That said, Dairy Queen accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, and sometimes checks.

Also, you can use the official app to pay, although a location that doesn’t take Apple Pay may not work with the app either.

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Efforts by the Dairy Queen company in 2010 and later in 2014 to upgrade its payment systems have allowed most locations to accept Apple Pay and other digital wallet software.

Once you’ve set up your Apple Wallet with your preferred cards, you can use your iPhone or your Apple Wallet to pay at Dairy Queen.

At the majority of DQ franchises, you can use Apple Pay in the drive-through and in the store. Also, you can order ahead on the app as a form of contactless payment.

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