Does Dollar General Allow Dogs & Are They Pet Friendly?

Dollar General sells pet food and grooming products at affordable prices both in-store and online. Their website even has tips for training your pets! But, are Dollar General’s stores as pet-friendly as their web presence?

This is everything you need to know!

Does Dollar General Allow Dogs & Are They Pet Friendly?

Dollar General does allow dogs in-store, but only if they are certified service dogs that comply with the American With Disabilities Act (ADA). Additionally, Dollar General does not allow emotional support animals into any of their stores. In some rural DG locations, they also take a more relaxed approach to allowing pets in-store.

So, does that mean that Dollar General is not pet-friendly?

Keep reading for more information on Dollar General’s pet policy!

Is Dollar General Pet Friendly?

Is Dollar General Pet Friendly?

Dollar General is not a pet-friendly company, meaning that pets of any kind are not allowed in any of its 16,000 US stores. This includes cats, birds, and, of course, dogs.

This has to do with the Food And Drug Administration’s (FDA) Food Service Codes, which rule that live animals are not allowed in American establishmentthat prepare or sell food. As such, pet animals are not allowed in any US grocery store.

Is Dollar General’s Pet Policy Consistent In All Locations?

Although Dollar General’s official policy (in line with federal guidelines) is that no animals should be allowed in-store, some shoppers have reported that their local stores do allow them to take their pets in to shop with them.

By the look of it, this is usually the case in Dollar General’s small-town locations.

Does Dollar General Allow Service Animals?

Even though pets are not allowed in Dollar General stores, service animals are because of the crucial role they play in the lives of customers with disabilities.

According to the ADAa service animal is defined as one that “has been trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability.

The work or tasks undertaken by the animal must be directly related to the owner’s disability.

However, it’s important to note that service animals and their owners can be asked to leave a Dollar General store if they do not act in accordance with health and safety guidelines.

Are All Service Dogs Allowed In Dollar General?

Are All Service Dogs Allowed In Dollar General?Are All Service Dogs Allowed In Dollar General?

Yes, all service dogs are allowed in Dollar General stores. But, to determine that your dog is, in fact, a service dog, Dollar General employees can ask what tasks the animal performs.

Also, just because a service dog has been allowed entry to a Dollar General store does not mean that it won’t be asked to leave.

This might happen if an employee considers them to be disruptive or a risk to health and safety.

So, the owner must be in full control of the dog at all times, the dog must be on a leash, and it cannot be allowed to wander freely amongst merchandise or other shoppers.

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While official policy states that you cannot take your pet with you into Dollar General, customers with service dogs are allowed to bring their animal into stores, as ruled by the Americans With Disabilities Act.

However, service dogs and their owners must act appropriately when inside Dollar General stores to not disrupt other shoppers or pose a health and safety risk. If they do not, they could be asked to leave by an employee.

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