Does Dollar General Sell Alcohol? [All You Need To Know] 

Dollar General is the store of choice for many customers who are looking for a wide range of products at cheap prices.

One item that many people like to find a bargain on is alcohol – but given the restrictions on selling alcohol, does Dollar General sell beer, wine, and spirits?

Here’s what I found out about Dollar General’s alcohol sales policy:

Does Dollar General Sell alcohol? 

Yes, Dollar General does sell a wide range of alcohol products, including beer and wine. However, the availability of these products can vary by location due to different state laws, so it is best to call beforehand to double-check. Additionally, Dollar General does not sell any hard spirits, including Vodka, Whisky, Rum, Gin, or Techella.

What other rules does Dollar General have about selling alcohol? Find out more below:

What Dollar General Stores Sell Alcohol?

As each county and state have different laws that govern if, when, and what types of alcohol can be sold, it is tough to pinpoint what Dollar General stores stock alcohol.

However, this visual map shows what each state is permitted to sell, from beers, wines, and spirits. Additionally, it also shows what states allow stores to sell alcohol on Sundays.

Does Dollar General Sell Wine & Champagne?

Yes, Dollar General stocks a surprisingly large range of red and white wine. Some of the many types of wine they stock include Rose, Shiraz, Pinot noir, Merlot, Chardonnay, Champagne, Sauvignon blanc, Moscato, and more!

Additionally, some of these wines start from only $2.95 a bottle!

Does Dollar General Sell Beer?

Yes, Dollar General sells a wide range of beers in select locations, from Coronas, Budweiser, Coors Light, Bud Light, Millers, and Keystone Ice Beer, to name a few. Typically, these beers come in 6-packs or can be purchased individually.

Does Dollar General Sell Alcohol On Sundays?

Does Dollar General Sell Alcohol On Sundays?

Depending on what state you live in, Dollar General may be able to sell beer and wine on Sundays. However, this can vary from state to state, so it is best to call your local Dollar General beforehand.

Can I Use A Dollar General Gift Card To Buy Alcohol?

Unfortunately no, alcohol is one of a small number of products excluded from purchase by Dollar General gift cards. You are also unable to use Dollar General gift cards to buy e-cigarettes, tobacco, or other gift cards.

Can I Buy Alcohol From Dollar General Online? 

Dollar General does not sell alcohol online. However, it does provide a list of beers and wines on its website, which it stocks in certain stores.

These listings do not provide a price, but you can add them to your Dollar General account’s grocery list, and you can see reviews from other customers.  

Can I Return Alcohol To Dollar General? 

Yes, but only if you provide the original receipt for the purchase. You can also only return alcohol to the Dollar General store that you originally bought it from, and you can only request a refund, not an exchange. 

Can I Buy Alcohol Using Dollar General Pickup Or The DG Go App?

Unfortunately, no, Dollar General’s terms and conditions exclude purchases of alcohol from their Dollar General Pickup service, as well as stating that alcohol cannot be purchased in-store using the DG Go app to pay with your phone.

To learn more about the products you can buy from DG, you can also see my guide on whether or not Dollar General sells gift cards, if Dollar General sells flowers, and if Dollar General sells cigarettes.


Yes, but only in selected stores – so check with your local branch of Dollar General to see if they stock alcohol or not. You cannot buy alcohol from Dollar General online, but you can see a list of alcoholic beverages that they stock and read reviews from other users. You can’t buy alcohol through Dollar General pickup or using the DG Go app either. 

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