Does Dollar General Take Apple Pay? (All You Need To Know)

Apple Pay is one of the most convenient ways to shop – it makes payment as simple as tapping your phone and going on your way.

However, not every retailer accepts Apple Pay as a payment method. So, as one of the biggest chains in the US – does Dollar General accept Apple Pay?

Here’s what I found out about Dollar General and Apple Pay:

Does Dollar General Take Apple Pay? 

Unfortunately, Dollar General does not list Apple Pay as one of their accepted payment methods. The company tweeted in July 2020 that some of its stores had been updated to include Apple Pay support, but they later retracted this comment and said there were no plans to introduce Apple Pay into its stores.

Wondering how else you can use your phone to pay at Dollar General? Read on to find out! 

Does Dollar General Have Any Smartphone Payment Options?

Yes, Dollar General has its own smartphone app called DG Go, which can scan items as you shop and pay via your phone when you’ve finished.

However, only select stores accept DG Go payments, so check whether your local store supports them.

Other than DG Go, there are no other smartphone payment options at Dollar General, including Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Additionally, Dollar General does not accept PayPal in-store or as a payment method on their website.

How Do I Pay With My Phone At Dollar General Using DG Go?

You can pay using your phone at Dollar General by following these simple steps: 

  • Download and install the DG Go app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store 
  • Using the app’s store locator, check whether your local store supports DG Go payment – if it doesn’t, you’ll have to go to another store that does support DG Go to pay with your phone. 
  • Add a payment method such as a credit card, gift card, or bank account 
  • Check for any digital coupons that are available and save them to your app, then head to your store 
  • Use the app to scan product barcodes and add them to your basket as you shop 
  • Once you’ve finished shopping, go to the dedicated DG Go checkout tablet at the front of the store, then select “I’m ready to checkout” on the app 
  • Use the app to scan the barcode that appears on the checkout tablet – your payment will be processed, and you’ll immediately be sent an electronic receipt 

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Dollar General does not take Apple Pay or either of the other major smartphone payment apps (Google Pay and Samsung Pay) and does not appear to have any plans to introduce support for these apps.

However, it offers its own app, DG Go, which can scan products while shopping and use a QR code to pay with your phone at select stores. 

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