Does Dollar General Take Coupons? [Full Guide!] 

Dollar General pride themselves on their highly affordable prices on name-brand products for their millions of everyday customers who depend on them to get the best value for their money.

However, you may be wondering whether Dollar General accepts coupons as part of this. Here is everything I have managed to find!

Does Dollar General Take Coupons?

Yes, Dollar General does accept both manufacturer and Dollar General coupons at all their locations. Additionally, Dollar General accepts coupons from newspapers, text message coupons, magazine coupons, digital coupons, mail coupons, and more.

To learn more about stacking coupons and how to save more money while shopping at DG, keep on reading!

Can You Stack Coupons At Dollar General? 

Yes, Dollar General does accept stacked coupons, even if you are to use a digital coupon from the DG app and a printed manufacturer’s coupon.

Per item, only one manufacturer’s coupon and one Dollar General coupon can be used simultaneously. Additionally, customers are not allowed to stack two manufacturers’ coupons together at the same time.

However, some Dollar General coupons can occasionally be used in conjunction with multiple other Dollar General coupons. So it is possible to stack Dollar General coupons, but make sure to check thoroughly before shopping.

What Kinds Of Coupons Does Dollar General Accept?

Dollar General accepts a very wide variety of coupons from several sources. These include, but are not limited to: 

  • Newspaper coupons. 
  • Magazine coupons. 
  • Coupons found on receipts. 
  • Mail coupons. 
  • Online coupons. 
  • Digital coupons. 
  • Text message coupons.

One thing to note is that Dollar General will refuse coupons that have passed their expiration date or that have otherwise become invalidated. 

How To Use Digital Coupons At Dollar General

How To Use Digital Coupons At Dollar General

If you are looking to take advantage of the digital coupons at DG, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign up for a free Dollar General account
  2. Create an account using your phone number
  3. Load coupons onto your account or via the DG Go app
  4. Visit Dollar General to use coupons
  5. When at the register, enter your phone number into the “Digital Coupons” section
  6. Ensure the coupons have been applied to the tally
  7. Complete checkout process

Can You Use P&G Coupons At Dollar General?

Yes, Dollar General customers can use P&G coupons in-store for a wide range of products, including shampoos, handwash, hand sanitizer, or any other related Proctor and Gamble product that you may have a coupon for.

How Do You Get $5 Off $25 at Dollar General?

To take advantage of the Dollar General $5 off $25 purchase, customers can find these coupons on the Dollar General website and app, which are released every Saturday and are valid for one day only. Additionally, customers can find these same $5 off $25 coupons at the bottom of some DG paper receipts.

When using this couponing method, some items you can save on include alcohol and appliances. Unfortunately, stamps and gift cards are not eligible items.

How Many Times Can You Use Digital Coupons At Dollar General?

Typically, Dollar General digital coupons can only be used once for a single transaction. However, some digital DG coupons can be used up to 5 times when purchasing the same product.

How Often Do New Dollar General Coupons Get Released? 

Dollar General coupons are usually released every Sunday, but they have been known to release even outside of this day.

Digital coupons especially have been known to show up mid-week. As a result, you should be making sure to regularly check your digital couponing platforms to make sure that you are getting the most out of your shopping experience.

To learn more, you can also see my guide on whether or not Dollar General accepts EBT and the Dollar General return policy.


Yes. Dollar General does accept coupons at checkout, both in-store and online. Dollar General accepts a wide variety of coupons from a wide variety of sources. These coupons can be stacked in specific ways, so make sure to check how they can be stacked before you make your purchase.  

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