Does Dollar Tree Drug Test? (All You Need To Know)

Many retailers in the U.S. conduct drug tests on potential and current employees to create a safe and pleasant working environment for employees and customers.

So if you’re looking to work at Dollar Tree, you may want to know if Dollar Tree conducts drug tests. Here is everything I’ve discovered about this through my research!

Does Dollar Tree Drug Test?

Some Dollar Tree stores may conduct drug tests for employees in management positions. Dollar Tree can also conduct a random drug test to investigate an employee’s performance in case of an accident. However, most other roles do not require drug tests and only require a background check.

If you want to know more about what kind of drug test Dollar Tree conducts, whether Dollar Tree conducts pre-employment tests, and much more, keep on reading!

What Kind Of Drug Test Does Dollar Tree Conduct?

A standard five-panel urine drug test that takes place in a local lab or medical facility is required by some stores if you are applying for management positions in Dollar Tree.

In San Francisco, California, and Chesapeake, Virginia, Dollar Tree seems to use the standard 5-panel urine drug test for its pre-employment drug screening.

Does Dollar Tree Conduct Pre-Employment Drug Tests?

Dollar Tree is entitled to do pre-employment drug tests on its potential employees.

However, in most stores, Dollar Tree does not conduct pre-employment drug tests.

Despite this, it still holds employees in high regard and prioritizes integrity and honesty.

Note that positions based out of the chain’s distribution centers and warehouses are typically required to undergo a pre-employment drug test upon accepting a conditional job offer.

Also, if you are assigned to a safety-sensitive job, you would surely be required to undergo a urine drug test every 3 to 6 months.

What Happens If You Fail A Drug Test At Dollar Tree?

What Happens If You Fail A Drug Test At Dollar Tree?

If Dollar Tree conducts a pre-employment drug test and you fail it, then the chances of being hired are very slim, and you will no longer be eligible to apply.

However, you might be considered if you manage to pass the second round, but that is highly unlikely.

Note that the drug policies are written in the employee handbook of Dollar Tree.

Does Dollar Tree Conduct Background Checks?

Dollar Tree conducts background inspections on all its workers, so if you have decided to apply for a job there, you should mentally prepare yourself to get examined.

When analyzing the background check, Dollar Tree will ensure that the information you provided is correct and that there are no counterfeit documents.

In this instance, Dollar Tree inquires about educational and employment history to determine if you are a suitable candidate for the job.

Lastly, the company focuses on a person’s criminal history for safety reasons. If one is caught with forged documents, they instantly lose their opportunity to work.

Can You Be Hired At Dollar Tree If You Have A Criminal History?

Dollar Tree is comparatively more criminal-friendly than other stores, so it may not be impossible for you to get a job at Dollar Tree if you have a criminal history.

However, this greatly depends on the nature of the crime you have committed.

Once Dollar Tree has checked your resume and decided that you are a suitable candidate, it will look at your criminal history.

If you have been charged with being a violent felon, there is almost no chance of being hired.

Similarly, Dollar Tree also does not tolerate sex offenders, theft, or acts of forgery.

Note that if Dollar Tree is still considering you after checking your criminal history, you will be asked about it in the interview.

Staying confident and explaining your story will boost your chances of being hired.

If the crime is minimal and you show an impressive performance, Dollar Tree will move you to the upper hierarchy.


Even though Dollar Tree is criminal-friendly, it is forbidden for employees to be under the influence of drugs in a workplace environment.

Dollar Tree does not perform drug tests as much as other companies, but it decides to conduct them at random. Employees who fail the drug test are let go, and potential candidates lose their possibility of working at Dollar-tree.

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