Does Dollar General Drug Test? (Must Read Before Getting A Job)

Dollar General is one of the fastest-growing retailers in America. The consistent opening of new Dollar General stores means there are plenty of employment opportunities for those wishing to work for the retailer.

However, potential employees might be wondering if Dollar General drug tests their staff members. I’ve done the research, and here is what I have discovered!

Does Dollar General Drug Test?

Dollar General has a strict zero-drugs policy, as stated in their employee handbook, which includes narcotic substances as well as alcohol. Potential employees may be asked to complete a drug test when applying for Dollar General, which requires a negative result to be considered for employment.

To learn more about Dollar General drug tests, what other necessities you need to be employed, and what happens if you fail a Dollar General drug test, keep reading!

Which Employees Does Dollar General Drug Test?

Typically, Dollar General reserves drug tests for pre-employment applications applying to senior roles, such as keyholders or management.

However, they may stipulate a drug test as part of your application process to Dollar General for reasons such as if you have prior convictions for drugs.

It has been reported if you fail to complete the required drug test in the allocated time, you may be ineligible to reapply for employment at Dollar General for a full year.

What Does A Dollar General Drug Test Involve?

In most situations, a Dollar General drug test will be a urine sample. This will be performed at a medical clinic, hospital, or doctor’s office at the request of Dollar General.

You will need to take a form of government-issued identification with you in order to take the drug test for Dollar General.

All of your personal belongings should be left in a designated locker to avoid tampering or fraud.

How Long Do The Results Of A Dollar General Drug Test Take?

The results of your drug test for Dollar General can take between 24 hours and a full week to be processed. The results will be delivered directly to Dollar General to prevent interference or altering.

If the test is negative, you will often proceed with the next step of the employment process.

If the test is positive, you may be dismissed from the interview process or face repercussions if already employed at Dollar General.

What Drugs Do Dollar General Test For?

Dollar General screens for a wide variety of drugs, for example, marijuana, cocaine, opioids, PCP, and methamphetamines.

Additionally, the Dollar General drug test can also include alcohol in some instances.

Do You Have To Pass A Drug Test To Work At Dollar General?

Yes, you must pass your drug test to work for Dollar General due to their zero-tolerance drug policy.

If you are positive on a drug test, this is considered by Dollar General as reasonable grounds for dismissal as it infringes on state law in relation to illegal substance abuse.

Do I Need To Do Anything Other Than A Drug Test For Dollar General?

Do I Need To Do Anything Other Than A Drug Test For Dollar General?

As part of the pre-employment process, Dollar General will also complete an extensive background check and assessment test.

This background check may include criminal history, driving records, credit reports, and education verification.

To complete the background test, Dollar General may use external companies such as GIS or HireRight.

Additionally, the background checks completed by Dollar General may extend as far back as 7-10 years.

Does Dollar General Drug Test In Legalized States?

Even in states where substances such as marijuana are legalized for recreational use, it does not mean Dollar General will hire you should you fail.

Substances such as marijuana can stay in your system for up to two weeks, so if you are required to take a Dollar General drug test, you should avoid using drugs for this period.

Does Dollar General Random Drug Test?

Dollar General reserves the right to drug test all employees as per their zero drugs tolerance policy.

However, many former workers have stated random drug tests are rare at Dollar General unless there is substantial evidence of drug abuse.

Rather, Dollar General will require potential employees to be drug tested as part of their application process to ensure their workers are suitable for the position.

Do All Dollar General Stores Drug Test?

Not all Dollar General will drug test with the same frequency. It has been reported drug testing is more common in stores located in states such as Texas, Florida, Kentucky, and Ohio.

Dollar General will require employees to sign a form in their contract stating they consent to random drug testing at the request of Dollar General.

But while Dollar General is able to conduct random drug tests in theory, it appears it is not common in practice.

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Yes, Dollar General does drug tests on both potential and existing staff members. Potential employees may be required to undergo a drug test for Dollar General as a condition of their employment.

Drug testing is not mandatory for all positions at Dollar General but appears to be frequent for senior members of staff. Failing a drug test at Dollar General can have serious repercussions, such as being dismissed from employment and failing the interview process.

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