Does Dollar Tree Own Family Dollar? (Your Complete Guide)

Dollar Tree has established itself as one of the most successful retail chains in North America, with over 15,000 stores in 48 states, including five Canadian provinces.

The retailer gets associated with Family Dollar quite often and has many similarities with it, so you may be wondering – does Dollar Tree own Family Dollar? Here’s what I’ve found out!

Does Dollar Tree Own Family Dollar?

Dollar Tree does own Family Dollar, which put its shares up for sale in 2014, and Dollar Tree purchased those shares for $8.5 billion on January 22, 2015. Dollar Tree sells most products for around $1 – $1.25, whereas Family Dollar sells items for under $10.

If you want to learn more about what Family Dollar is, whether it is cheaper than Dollar Tree, and what kinds of products it sells, keep on reading!

Did Dollar Tree Merge With Family Dollar?

According to Retail Dive, the Dollar Tree-Family Dollar was supposed to be a merger but resulted in a takeover.

Around June 2014, Carl Icahn, a well-known American businessman, expressed his thoughts about Family Dollar being put up for sale.

Dollar Tree then declared that it would purchase Family Dollar’s shares for $8.5 billion.

After 6 months, shareholders of Family Dollar accepted their bid, and Family Dollar was officially purchased by Dollar Tree.

What Is Family Dollar?

Family Dollar is a fast-growing retail business that offers various types of products of excellent quality to customers.

It offers all sorts of products, such as clothing, cleaning supplies, home decor, groceries, and much more.

One of its key advantages is that Family Dollar offers low prices compared to competitors, which attracts more customers.

What’s the Difference Between Family Dollar and Dollar Tree?

The target audience for Dollar Tree is people who earn an average income and those who live outside the city.

However, Family Dollar caters to the lower middle class in cities and small towns.

Dolla Tree mostly sells seasonal products, toys, stationery, home decor, and kitchenware, while Family Dollar focuses more on everyday groceries, food, and national brands.

Is Dollar Tree Cheaper Than Family Dollar?

Is Dollar Tree Cheaper Than Family Dollar?

In comparison, Dollar Tree is cheaper than Family Dollar because Dollar Tree sells products for around $1 – $1.25, whereas Family Dollar sells products for under $10.

However, note that Family Dollar is still cheaper than other notable retail chains in the U.S.

Who Owns Dollar Tree?

Dollar Tree is owned by multiple shareholders, including The Vanguard Group, Inc., which is the largest investor in Dollar Tree.

In addition, BlackRock Fund Advisors and SSgA Funds Management, Inc. are also among the top 3 owners of Dollar Tree.

The current CEO of Dollar Tree is Michael Witynski, who, according to Wallmine, receives compensation of over $3 million a year.

Which Is Better: Dollar Tree Or Family Dollar?

There is no overall comparison of these two stores as both are different from one another and target different audiences.

However, Dollar Tree is the cheapest due to $1 products, so it is suitable for people who are looking to purchase multiple items with less cash in hand.

Similarly, Family Dollar has fresh groceries and branded clothes, so if you want to purchase fresh fruits or new clothes, Family Dollar should be your go-to place.

Is Everything a Dollar at Family Dollar?

Everything is not sold for $1 at Family Dollar – in fact, the range lies between $1-$10 dollars and sometimes even above that.

Family Dollar sells products from national brands such as Family Pet, Homeline, Interiors by Design, and many others, which is why the prices range around $10.

Additionally, keep in mind that Family Dollar also sells products like clothes and home decor, which are more expensive than just a dollar.

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