Does Dollar General Own Dollar Tree? (Not What You Think)

With such similar names and branding, many people have started to question whether Dollar General owns Dollar Tree.

So after some digging, I finally got to the bottom of whether or not Dollar General owns Dollar Tree. Here is what I discovered!

Does Dollar General Own Dollar Tree?

Dollar General does not own Dollar Tree. In fact, Dollar Tree and Dollar General are two completely separate companies that are considered to be each other’s greatest competitors within the industry. Despite this, they do hold many similarities, such as products and locations.

To find out who does own Dollar Tree, just read on!

What Company Owns Dollar Tree?

Dollar Tree is a part of a company branded as ‘Dollar Family’ under the Fortune 500 company network.

The Dollar Family has many $1 stores under the operating names of Dollar Bills and Dollar Tree.

Additionally, the company that owns Dollar Tree has been in operation since 1953, and in 2019 joined forces with the Dollar Family store.

What Is The Dollar Tree Store?

The Dollar Tree is a store that works on the basis of inexpensive products, usually priced at around $1-$10.

Interestingly enough, Dollar Tree was formerly named ‘Only $1.00’ to reflect their low prices.

Currently, Dollar Tree store has more than 15,000 stores in operation across 48 states in both the United States of America as well as Canada.

You can learn more about the history of Dollar Tree by clicking here.

What Are The Main Similarities Between Dollar General And Dollar Tree?

The main similarity between Dollar General and Dollar Tree is that they are both based on the concept of $1 stores.

Nearly all the items are priced at lower than $5, making them an inexpensive store for some great bargains!

They are also both the most successful mass discount stores of their type across America.

Additionally, both stores are so similar in this manner that they are considered to be each other’s biggest rivals in the discount store industry.

What Are The Main Differences Between Dollar General And Dollar Tree?

The main differences between Dollar General and Dollar Tree are that the former has recently become more of a discount store, rather than a strictly $1 store like the Dollar Tree is.

They are also completely different companies despite their similar nature.

Both of the stores also sell slightly different inventory than one another. This means that you will find a lot more variation of stock between the two heavily discounted stores.

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In summary, the Dollar Tree and the Dollar General stores are not the same, nor is one owned by the other. The Dollar Tree was a concept that originated in 1953 by owner K. R. Perry.

Since then, the Dollar Tree store has expanded across 48 states in the US and Canada and is currently included within the Fortune 500 company annual list!

Despite the fact that Dollar Tree and Dollar General are similar, they are two separate corporations. In the business world, the two stores are so alike that they could be seen as direct rivals.

Dollar Tree is situated within the same business corporation as Dollar Family, and Dollar Tree actually managed to outbid Dollar General in order to acquire dollar Family.

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