Does Dominos Hire Felons? (All You Need to Know)

Working at Dominos can be a fun and rewarding job. There are thousands of Dominos stores worldwide, so the popular pizza chain employs countless people.

However, you may wonder if you can work at Dominos with felonies on your record. If so, this article will tell you all you need to know, so keep reading!

Does Dominos Hire Felons in 2024?

In some cases, Dominos will hire you if you have certain felonies in your background. However, it’s common for a Dominos store not to run a background check in 2024. Since most Dominos stores are individually owned franchises, each owner sets its own rules for hiring employees. However, Dominos commonly checks driving records for new delivery employees.

Keep reading to learn more about applying at Dominos with felonies on your record, including information managers look for in background checks, along with other related facts!

Does Dominos Run Background Checks?

Background check requirements at Dominos will depend on the individual store.

Since most of them are individually owned and operated, each owner can make decisions regarding the hiring process.

Many Dominos locations perform a background check for new employees. Some only do a background check for managers, and others don’t require a background check at all.

It’s common for Dominos to check your driving record if you’re applying to be a delivery driver for the company.

Generally, the hiring manager will look at past wrecks and other incidents.

In general, you should be prepared to have a background check done, but know that it’s not a universal rule.

What Should My Driving Record Be to Work for Dominos?

It’s very common for Dominos to check your driving record before hiring you as a delivery driver, and a good record is one of the requirements for the job.

You will need two or fewer driving infractions over the past two years to qualify as a driver for Dominos.

In addition, most locations require you to have proof of car insurance in order to work as a delivery driver.

What Felonies Prevent Dominos From Hiring?

What Felonies Prevent Dominos From Hiring?

Different felonies in your background that may prevent Dominos from hiring you will depend on the location and its operators.

For example, some who have drug possession on their record have still been hired.

Therefore, the exact procedures regarding hiring felons will depend on the individual store’s hiring rules.

How Long Does the Dominos Background Check Take?

If the Dominos location where you apply runs background checks, this process should take no more than a week. Often, it’s done within a day or two.

What Is Domino’s Hiring Process?

Applying at Dominos can typically be done in-store or on the Dominos website.

Once you apply, a manager will get back to you soon so you can do a pre-screen on the phone and set up an interview.

Often, the interview is done in the store, but sometimes it can also be done online.

The interviewer will ask you some questions and fill you in on everything you need to know to get started.

Afterward, you will need to get a food handlers card and go through training, and once that is complete, you can start working.

In general, the entire hiring process should last no longer than a week.

Does Dominos Use E-Verify?

E-Verify is a government website in the US that allows companies to check whether a person can legally work in the US.

A Dominos employer may decide to use E-Verify if they think it’s necessary, but there is no rule requiring them to do so.

Overall, each store owner may decide how they will hire new employees.

Does Dominos Require Drug Tests?

Some Dominos locations do require drug tests before the manager will hire you. However, this doesn’t apply to all Dominos stores, as many locations don’t require drug tests.

Each individual store or group of stores under one owner has its own rules regarding hiring new employees and drug tests.

Since most Dominos stores are individually owned, you will find different rules at each one.

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Each Dominos location is different when it comes to hiring felons. Some may allow certain felonies on your record, while other store owners may not require a background check at all.

Often, Dominos will check your driving history if you’re applying to be a delivery driver. Overall, the hiring process shouldn’t take longer than a week.

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