Dominos Dress Code (Hair, Piercings, Tattoos, + More)

Dominos is one of the most popular pizza chains and employs many people, both in food service and delivery. Dominos employees are expected to adhere to store rules to keep everything operating smoothly, and this includes a dress code.

But what exactly is the dress code for Dominos employees? What are you not allowed to wear when working at Dominos? This article should answer all of your questions, so keep reading!

What Is Dominos’ Dress Code in 2024?

Dominos’ employee dress code includes black pants or slacks, an official Dominos hat/visor, your Dominos logo shirt, non-slip shoes, and short hair or hair in a ponytail/bun. Additionally, note that you can’t come to work without wearing your official hat or visor, and you must wear a Dominos jacket rather than a personal one in 2024.

Keep reading for more details about Dominos’ employee dress code including if you’re allowed to wear leggings, if you can wear a hoodie, and more related questions!

Does Dominos Give You a Uniform?

Dominos issues its new employees a logo uniform consisting of a shirt and a hat or visor, both of which have the Dominos logo.

You also have the option of buying a jacket with the Dominos logo.

Can Dominos Employees Wear Leggings?

In most cases, you won’t be allowed to wear leggings or jeggings while working at Dominos. Employees are required to wear black slacks or pants to maintain a professional appearance.

Can You Wear a Hoodie Working at Dominos?

When working at Dominos, you won’t be allowed to wear a generic hoodie. You can, however, wear an official Dominos coat or jacket.

However, the jackets aren’t provided for free and must be purchased in most cases.

Can You Wear Ripped Jeans to Work at Dominos?

Typically, Dominos managers only allow black slacks or pants without imperfections and do not allow denim material.

Dominos takes its dress code very seriously, so employees are expected to maintain a professional look.

Can Dominos Employees Wear Hats?

Can Dominos Employees Wear Hats?

Dominos employees are often required to wear an official Dominos logo hat that is provided when they start working.

You won’t be able to wear other generic hats while working at Dominos.

Can Dominos Employees Wear Shorts?

In certain cases, Dominos managers allow employees to wear black shorts if it’s a very hot day. However, standard protocol requires employees to wear long black pants.

Are Dominos Employees Allowed to Have Facial Piercings?

Dominos employees aren’t usually allowed to have visible piercings or other kinds of jewelry. Often, there is a specific limit set on the amount and types of jewelry you can wear. 

At this time, Dominos has strict policies regarding dress codes. However, these rules occasionally vary depending on the store you work at and your manager.

For example, some stores allow body piercings if you work as a delivery driver, and may even have looser rules when it comes to pizza makers.

Can Dominos Employees Have Dyed Hair?

In general, brightly colored dyed hair is not allowed at Dominos, whether you are a store employee or a driver.

Sometimes, rules at various locations are different due to what the manager or supervisor allows. But typically, you can’t have bright dyed hair working at Dominos.

Can Dominos Employees Have Tattoos?

Dominos employees are allowed to have visible tattoos as long as they aren’t offensive; what is deemed “offensive” as a tattoo will depend on your hiring manager.

In the past, employees weren’t allowed to have visible tattoos in general, but the rule has since then changed. However, there may be more specific guidelines in place at specific locations.

What Shoes Should You Wear Working at Dominos?

Dominos employees are required to wear non-slip close-toe shoes, as is required in most commercial kitchens and restaurants.

This keeps employees safe and allows them to work efficiently.

There are many suggested options for comfortable and safe footwear if you are working at Dominos. You may check places like Walmart, Kohl’s, and local shoe outlets.

How Long Does It Take for Dominos Uniforms to Arrive?

Dominos employees typically receive their uniform shirt and hat on the first day of orientation or very soon afterward.

Since these items must be worn on the job, the company is punctual in getting the uniforms to its new employees.

Can I Wear Makeup as a Dominos Employee?

There is no official rule against makeup for Dominos employees. In general, any makeup you wear should be presentable and not distracting to customers or coworkers.

Does Dominos Allow Fake Nails?

Fake nails are not allowed at Dominos. You can’t wear nail polish as an employee, either, due to health and safety rules. Further, you should keep your nails clean and trimmed.

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Dominos has a strict dress code that consists of a company-provided shirt and hat, along with black pants or slacks, non-slip shoes, and a white or black undershirt.

Dominos doesn’t allow its employees to wear fake nails or nail polish, piercing jewelry, offensive tattoos, or brightly colored dyed hair.

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