Domino’s Complaints (How to Make One, Number, Email, Common Complaints + More)

Domino’s is one of the most successful pizza chains in the world, and with that status comes a wide array of customers in many countries. When there is an issue with an order or other problem with the company, people should be able to make a complaint.

But how does one go about this? Are there multiple ways to file a complaint at Domino’s? Well, I’ve done the research, so here are all of my findings!

How Do I File a Complaint at Domino’s in [currentyear]?

If your issue is connected with a specific order, you can fill out an email or online form and add your local Domino’s store’s address and phone number. You can also call the store locally to talk to an employee or manager. Problematic orders are usually met with compensation discounts or Piece of the Pie rewards points in [currentyear].

Keep reading for more information about making complaints at Domino’s, including how to file a complaint online, if Domino’s takes email complaints, and other related facts!

How Do I File a Complaint Online at Domino’s?

There are multiple ways to contact Domino’s with complaints or concerns online. One way is by using “Dot,” Domino’s Customer Support Bot.

This chat service allows you to ask questions and file complaints, among other things.

Once you’re on the support bot chat page, you can select the “Concern” option. Next, the bot will ask whether you are in the United States.

After selecting Yes or No, you can type details of your complaint.

The bot will then share the details with the Customer Support Team so they are able to assist.

As well, you can use an online form on Domino’s website to file your complaint and get support.

There are a few different ways to get to these forms, but here are links to a page with various options and a more basic email form.

Both of these will work to give feedback and complaints to Domino’s.

If you are complaining about a specific store or order, you can enter the location and phone number in the correct fields.

Just give all the details of your experience in the correct text box and fill out any other required information, then click “Send” or “Next” depending on which form you chose.

Another way to post general complaints about Domino’s online is by using twitter and tagging the official Domino’s twitter account.

Does Domino’s Take Email Complaints?

Domino’s does take email complaints. This company doesn’t have a traditional email address listed for complaints, but there is an email form available for anyone to fill out online.

To file a complaint this way, select the category or reason for your email, type out your concerns, and add in the store information for the Domino’s location you ordered from.

However, if your complaint is of a more general nature and doesn’t involve a specific store or order, you can use this page to give specific feedback about whatever is bothering you.

How Do I Make a Complaint Over the Phone at Domino’s?

How Do I Make a Complaint Over the Phone at Domino's?

If you have a complaint regarding an order you got from a certain Domino’s location, or other concern about the store, you can phone the location and talk to an employee or manager.

The employees present should do their best to make things right, and will likely give you some kind of compensation, like a future discount, if there was an issue with your order.

To find the store phone number, you can use the Store Locator on Domino’s website. Enter your address, and it will show you all of the nearby Domino’s stores.

Once you see the correct one, select “More Info” to see the phone number.

What Is Domino’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

If calling your local store didn’t solve your problem, or if you have questions for the Corporate Office at Domino’s, you can call +1-734-930-3030, the general Customer Care number.

You can call with questions, complaints, or concerns, and the team will do their best to help you.

What Are Some Common Domino’s Complaints?

As of 2017, the top five complaints Domino’s received were missing garlic bread pieces, uneven pizza slices, badly distributed pepperoni, mix-ups with orders, and poor customer service.

The company revealed these complaints at the start of a marketing campaign to start repairing Domino’s overall image.

In addition, people frequently complain about exceedingly long wait times for delivery orders as well as poorly made pizzas, with not enough cheese, sauce, or toppings.

How Does Domino’s Respond If You File a Complaint?

If you file a complaint through your order confirmation page or email regarding an issue with your pizza, Domino’s will usually offer a discount for a future order or rewards points for a free pizza.

If you call your local Domino’s with a complaint about your order, the employees will typically compensate by remaking your order or offering a voucher for a future order.

Note that there are various ways an employee or manager may respond.

Corporate customer care will assist you according to the nature of your complaint once you are in contact with them.

Domino’s encourages customers to give feedback on social media, so the company can improve deals, offers, and menu items to better accommodate consumers.

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To make a complaint at Domino’s, you can fill out an online form to be received by Customer Care, use “Dot,” Domino’s customer support bot, or call your local store with concerns about your order or the store itself.

You can also give feedback on social media platforms like Twitter, or call Domino’s corporate number for Customer Care.

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